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Read "The Rules of Adventure" in the January/February 2000 issue.

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"People are the massive variable. I go with one person who is basically made of granite. You want someone who is watching out for you to a degree you never question."

Todd Skinner, expedition climber

"Check your inventory. There's no rush. It's a big open sea and it's always going to be there. There is no pressure."

—Betsy Royal, vice president of Mares America, largest U.S. scuba gear manufacturer

"Paying very close attention to your intuition is perhaps the most important rule of all. If I am distracted by doubt or fear, I don't do it."

—Lynn Hill, one of the world's top female climbers

"You can't have a Western aesthetic in a developing nation. Make a connection with a local who will watch your back."

—George Steinmetz, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC photographer

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  Your Rules of Adventure

The palpable possibility of calamity is what makes adventure adventure. The trick is to keep that pulse-quickening possibility from becoming bone-cracking reality. You want danger nipping at your heels, not gnawing on your backside. For this you'll need two things: (1) rules, and (2) luck.

In the print edition we ask the experts for their top tips for smooth sailing…and diving, flying, paddling, climbing, hiking, and skiing. But online—well, you make the rules.

What's your number one rule of adventure? And how did you learn it?

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