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Read "Mars: An Adventurer's Guide" (preview available online) in the September/October ADVENTURE.

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  Red Planet Road Trip?

The red planet is closer than you think. Within 25 years there may well be bases on Mars, playing host to scientists and possibly even tourists. It's not too hard to see why scientists would want to go, but what's in it for you and me?

How about a mountain more than twice the size of Everest? Or a canyon 20 times wider than the one we provincially call Grand? How about ballooning by the light of the moons, four-wheeling over uncharted landscapes, and hiking in low gravity?

Of course, the ultimate adventure doesn't come easy. The trip—one-way—would likely take six months. On Mars space suits would be de rigeur, and who knows what new toxins await? But it's a small price to pay to boldly go. Or is it?

Would you want to go to Mars?

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