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Steve Casimiro

If it involves fresh air and the threat of bodily harm, Steve Casimiro does it: skiing (50 days a year), mountain biking (120 days a year), surfing, skateboarding, climbing, backpacking. Makes you wonder how he has time to be a contributing editor for ADVENTURE (see his and Scott Willoughby's new guide to skis and snowboards) and to write and photograph for Outside, Men's Journal, Skiing, and Powder (where he was editor for nine years), among others.

What to do? Where to go? What to buy?

Powder Buff Steve Casimiro Answers Your Snow Sports Questions. E-mail Steve >>


I'm a 38-year-old father of two with a gut the size of Mt. Whitney. I miss...the trim figure I cut as a 20-year-old mountain goat.

The key is to set reasonable goals and commit yourself to a realistic program of training. Operative concepts here are "reasonable" and "realistic". full answer >>


I am a lithe female mountain biker and have a hard time gaining traction on steeply graded hills.

Are your riding pals making these climbs but you're not? The ability to clean a burly climb sometimes has less to do with technique or equipment and more to do with... full answer >>


Need info on trekking up Mt. Aconcagua. Can a bunch of fit 60-plus Rocky Mountain hikers do it?

It is a big big mountain, with all the attendant dangers of big big mountains. If you've never tackled a multi-week, expedition-level climb, go with an outfitter. full answer >>


Is it always true to follow the sun if lost in the woods?

Well, it didn't work for the kids of Blair Witch Project and I'm guessing it won't work for you. Let's say you've gotten lost... full answer >>


What should I look for in a good three-season tent?

Ask yourself how you plan to use the tent? The tents you've described are large, bulky shelters best used for car camping, circuses, or moveable raves. full answer >>


My two friends and I are going on a 12-day trek in the Guyanian rain forest. What would you consider to be the most essential items of "kit" we would need to take?

The one thing I would never, ever leave the country without is Imodium-D. Suffice it to say, fortified intestines are one of the underpinnings of enjoyable travel. full answer >>

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