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Steve Casimiro

If it involves fresh air and the threat of bodily harm, Steve Casimiro does it: skiing (50 days a year), mountain biking (120 days a year), surfing, skateboarding, climbing, backpacking. Makes you wonder how he has time to be a contributing editor for ADVENTURE (see his and Scott Willoughby's new guide to skis and snowboards) and to write and photograph for Outside, Men's Journal, Skiing, and Powder (where he was editor for nine years), among others.

Let me know when Steve posts answers!

What to do? Where to go? What to buy?

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Need info on trekking up Mt. Aconcagua. Where can I find it? Can a bunch of fit 60-plus Rocky Mountain hikers do it?

—Jean Miller, Fraser, Colorado

I don't care how fit you are, if you can't find the mountain there's no way on Earth you're going to climb it.

Oh, you want to know where to find information. Got it. OK, well, 22,835-foot [6,960-meter] Aconcagua, Argentina, is the highest peak in the western hemisphere. Its easiest routes, by mountaineering standards, are considered walkups: If you're fit, are comfortable traveling in the mountains and on glaciers, and have good luck with weather and acclimatization, you stand a good chance of making the summit. It is, however, a big big mountain, with all the attendant dangers of big big mountains. If you've never tackled a multi-week, expedition-level climb, go with an outfitter or guide and train like the dickens. Then drop into, where you can buy Aconcagua: A Climbing Guide for about 15 bucks ( Next, get your hands on the July/August 2000 issue of National Geographic Adventure, where you can read Geoffrey Norman's terrific feature on climbing the mountain (back issues, Tel: 800 647 5463). Finally, contact a guiding service like Professional Mountain Guides (Tel: +1 307 733 8812,, Aventuras Patagonicas (Tel: 888 203 9354,, or Rumbo al Horizonte (Tel: 54 261 452 0641,

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