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Steve Casimiro

If it involves fresh air and the threat of bodily harm, Steve Casimiro does it: mountain biking (120 days a year), skiing (50 days a year), surfing, skateboarding, climbing, backpacking. Makes you wonder how he has time to be a contributing editor for ADVENTURE (see his "Vegas Rocks" online and in the January/February 2001 issue) and to write and photograph for Outside, Men's Journal, Skiing, and Powder (where he was editor for nine years), among others.

Let me know when Steve posts answers!

What to do? Where to go? What to buy?

Powder Buff Steve Casimiro Answers Your Snow-Sports and Winter Gear Questions.


What do you think is the best option in jackets for snowboarding?

—Fiona, London, United Kingdom

That's like asking how I like my haggis: The answer is totally personal. Where do you ride? Scotland? Get something with three-layer Gore-Tex. Italy? Look for a light shell. France? Find something with neon colors and flowers.

As for things specific to snowboarding, make sure the arms are long enough to accommodate all the reaching and limb-waving you'll be doing, the body roomy enough to allow for twisting, and the jacket itself long enough to prevent plumber butt when you're tweaking in the park.

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