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Steve Casimiro

If it involves fresh air and the threat of bodily harm, Steve Casimiro does it: mountain biking (120 days a year), skiing (50 days a year), surfing, skateboarding, climbing, backpacking. Makes you wonder how he has time to be a contributing editor for ADVENTURE (see his "Vegas Rocks" online and in the January/February 2001 issue) and to write and photograph for Outside, Men's Journal, Skiing, and Powder (where he was editor for nine years), among others.

Let me know when Steve posts answers!

What to do? Where to go? What to buy?

Powder Buff Steve Casimiro Answers Your Snow-Sports and Winter Gear Questions.


Can you recommend a telemark skiing equipment package? I nordic ski a lot, downhill a little. Haven't really jumped into telemarking yet, but have been yearning to do so for years. Not having equipment seems to have been the biggest hurdle for me. I'll be learning (and practicing) at a local downhill area. Boards and boots for "lift-assisted" skiing are in order, right? Any clinics you can recommend? Thanks!

—Sean, Washington, D.C.

Actually, I can't really recommend a package: There are too many variables, such as how you ski, where you ski, how often, how hard, etc. If you were already telemarking and wanted, say, a powder ski, it would be an easy answer. But since you haven't really gotten into it yet, I'd recommend you drop your genuflecting knee at a telemark demo day before you drop your cash on something that might not be right for you. By far your best bet is to sign up for a clinic with the North American Telemark Organization (Tel: 800 835 3404, Web site: Dickie Hall, the man behind NATO, might be the single most enthusiastic telemarker in the country and he's certainly spread more free-heeled joy through his seminars than anyone else I know. NATO has clinics on the East Coast through the end of April and two summer camps in the Northwest in early June.

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