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In the uncharted West they expected to find mammoths, a mountain of salt, and other exotica. Some of what they did see remains unspoiled. See for yourself.

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Shackleton: The Antarctic ChallengeShackleton: The Antarctic Challenge
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This riveting volume recounts Ernest Shackleton's four journeys to Antarctica and is illustrated with historic photographs and watercolors as well as stunning modern images.

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July/August 2001

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Also in the July/August 2001 issue


Exploring the Place of Fright
Archaeologist Jaime Awe knows the Maya underworld of Belize better than anyone else alive. Writer DAVID ROBERTS accompanied him on an exploration into flooded caverns, past razor-sharp limestone fins, and to chambers strewn with the bones of human sacrifices—a nightmarish realm that is the new frontier of Maya studies.


Online Extra
Life on Assignment: On the Job in the Place of Fright
Photographer Stephen Alvarez reveals the secrets of the nightmare caves of Belize, and of life in the field for Adventure.

The Hot Zones
The United States' top outdoor-sports towns are base camps for summer adventure: rock climbing on the Endless Wall near Fayetteville, West Virginia; canyon-country hiking around Torrey, Utah; kayaking to tidewater glaciers near Seward, Alaska; and more. Here's your complete guide to what to do, as well as where to eat and sleep. BY JEFF WISE
Read article >>

The Uncharted World of Michael Fay
A journey of 455 days, 2,000 miles [3,200 kilometers], and 5,000 tsetse fly bites made crusading conservationist Michael Fay the world's most adventurous explorer. But what exactly was the "Megatransect," his hike through the forests of central Africa—a scientific expedition? A publicity campaign? Or merely the world's greatest walk in the woods? BY MICHAEL SHNAYERSON

Wildest California
"All my blood turned to wine," John Muir said of sighting California's high north country in 1874, "and I have not been weary since." Even today this overlooked wilderness offers recreation without compare.
Road trip: Coastal redwoods to the desert. BY BILL BARICH
River ride: The free-flowing Smith. BY DAN KOEPPEL
Ski summit: Shasta's powerful pyramid. BY STEVE CASIMIRO
Read excerpt >>


Online Extra
Forum: What's Your Wildest California Adventure?
Tell us what's cool in Cali.

Extreme Classics:
The 100 Greatest Adventure Books of All Time

Into Thin Air and Out of Africa. The Perfect Storm and The Worst Journey in the World. Adrift, Alive, and Alone. Every great adventure is a tale waiting to be told, and presented here is our opinionated ranking of the genre's masterpieces. The selections may provoke debate, but the books are guaranteed to excite. BY ANTHONY BRANDT
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Online Extra
Forum: Greatest Adventure Book of All Time
We've made our choice. What's yours?





With schemes for suborbital joyrides and zero-G hotels, proponents of space tourism are getting closer to launch. BY VICTORIA BRUCE

In the Field
Whose booty is it, anyway? The controversy over recovering treasure from sunken ships.

Doing It
After 275 days alone in a 23-foot [7-meter] plywood boat, Jim Shekhdar becomes the first person to row unassisted solo across the Pacific.


Online Extra
Q&A: Jim Shekhdar, Pacific Paddler
"They were unfriendly, the sharks," and other observations you'll find only online.

The Next Big Thing
Hawaiian "windfishers" use sailboards—which have the trolling speed of a small motorboat but no engine noise—to land the big kahunas.



In Canada's Columbia Mountains, climbers can summit four peaks in four days with the help of a helicopter. Is it cheating? Maybe. Rewarding? Definitely. BY TOM CLYNES

American Wilds
Looking to discover the hidden corners of the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, and Yosemite? Sign up with a field institute, the ultimate insider's guide to the national parks.

World on the Cheap
Isolated and mostly undeveloped, Bolivia offers trekking over 15,000-foot [45,720-meter] Andean passes down into the steamy Amazon Basin—and low prices for adventurers.
Read article >>

Fast Breaks
Micro-expeditions: Hiking in Iceland, biking in France, kayaking in Newfoundland, and more—in six days or less.



The Life
Meet John Graybill—legendary bush pilot, notorious poacher in Alaska's Outlaw Wars, and, at 70 years old, the last of a dying breed. BY JEFF WISE
Read excerpt >>



No Eskimo roll? No problem with these inflatable and sit-on-top kayaks, popular with beginners and experts alike.
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Tough cameras that show why 35mm is still best for adventure; plus, the top action-ready digital.
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What They Carry
A master of western British Columbia's famously technical mountain bike trails reveals the secrets of a spine-saving rig.


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Extreme Destination: Danakil, Ethiopia


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