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September/October 2001, Volume 3, Number 5

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Also in the September/October 2001 Issue


Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Void
Nothing is more nothing than the Ténéré, the vast sea of sand at the core of the Sahara. MICHAEL FINKEL spent two weeks exploring this chunk of the planet gone dead and found faith, war, salt, speed … and an urgent sense of what it is to be alive. Read excerpt >>


Online Extra
Life on Assignment: Sahara Crossing
Writer Michael Finkel on life in the field for Adventure.

Losing It on Everest
This May—a half decade after the disaster that killed 12 people on Everest—5 climbers became stranded above 28,000 feet [8,530 meters], and only a dramatic rescue effort could hope to save them. DAVID ROBERTS reports on how crowds, chaos, and egotism have created a new crisis in the death zone. Read excerpt >>


Online Extra
Forum: Everest—Mountain of Trouble?
This past season, a record 89 climbers summitted the world's highest mountain in a single day. Has the Himalayan giant lost its grandeur?

The Gila Test
The barbarous backcountry of southern New Mexico and Arizona offers horsepacking in jagged canyons, hiking beneath toothy summits, and mountain biking across mesas dotted with cactus. The Gila region is a great place to play—but, ranchers say, an increasingly difficult place to work. GRETCHEN REYNOLDS reports on the changes facing the Old West. Read excerpt >>


Online Extra
Forum: Public Lands for What Purpose?
Tell us what you think.

On the Sea's Terms
Slicing across a wind-whipped sea. Steering by the stars. Reefing the mainsail on a heaving deck and spotting sperm whales. For PHILIP CAPUTO, joining the crew of the sloop Tudy on her journey from the Caribbean to Rhode Island was a boyhood dream come true. But that didn't mean it was easy.


Online Extra
Writer Spotlight: Philip Caputo
Adventure contributing editor Philip Caputo tells how a shocking family tale drove him to confront the open ocean >>

Blue Mountain Mystery
Far from the all-inclusive beach resorts of the coast, Jamaica's jungle-shrouded interior is where the country's backwoods rhythm comes into its own. Here, in the middle of Maroon country, hikers can uncover secrets of the island's renegade past—if they can figure out where to look. BY TOM CLYNES


Online Extra
Photo Gallery: Jamaica's Blue Mountain Mystery
Weathering five days of rain and two landslides, photographer Russell Kaye exposes Jamaica's moody essence >>





Eco-unfriendly: This fall, the new world championship of adventure racing takes aim at the Eco-Challenge. BY DIMITY MCDOWELL

Is Uganda's Bwindi Impenetrable Forest—the gorilla refuge where eight tourists were killed in 1999—safe for trekkers again?

In the Field
The first midwinter rescue from the South Pole cracks its legendary isolation.

Doing It
With an underwater sprint to 230 feet [70 meters]—and back—on a single breath, Tanya Streeter has claimed her latest world record in free diving.

The Next Big Thing
To find first descents right here in the U.S., cutting-edge kayakers turn to their topos.



Should California's arroyo-riven, cliff-fronted Gaviota Coast become a national seashore? A multiday tour by bike and kayak, it seemed, was the best way to find out. BY ROB REED

American Wilds
Cyclists can satiate Twain-fed dreams of adventure on the Great Rivers Route in the heart of the heartland. Read excerpt >>

World on the Cheap
Trekking Spain's highest and wildest mountain range. Read article >>

Fast Breaks
Washington rain forest backpacking, Great Lakes kayaking, Maine mountain-hopping, and other crowd-free fall escapes.

Where Next
Peru's newest national park, a guided trek along the Burma Road, new federal lands in Nevada, and more.



The weather is at its deadliest in new tomes about Scott's South Pole expedition and the 1998 Sydney-to-Hobart sailing race. Plus, exploration's "sensual urge." BY ANTHONY BRANDT

Letter From Kathmandu
Headline-grabbing murders and widespread fears of a major earthquake—this year, the Nepal that many expats had come to love seemed more like L.A. BY IAN BAKER



Stellar soft shells that combine protection and breathability. Read article >>

Sweet dreams are made of these: the latest sleeping bags. Read article >>

What They Carry
The gear of swift-water-rescue expert Chris Jonason.


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Extreme Destination: Pang Mapa, Thailand


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