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November/December 2001

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Also in the November/December 2001 issue


Expedition to ANWR
Forget the oil. Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge's potential for a truly renewable natural resource—adventure—is virtually unlimited. In a two-week trip, JAMES BALOG made a first ascent in the Brooks Range, rafted the aquamarine Hulahula River, and "hiked" the Beaufort Sea on his way to learning the true meaning of the word "pristine."


Online Extra
Behind the Article: Photos and More on ANWR
Photographer-writer James Balog on the war over Alaska's high north.

Land of the Lost
Seventy-one million Americans enter the wilderness each year—and an increasing number of them can't find their way back out. Investigating the art and science of survival, LAURENCE GONZALES interviewed rescuers, scientists, and survivors and learned that staying alive requires more than starting a fire without matches. To survive, you must beat the enemy within. Read excerpt >>


Online Extra
Forum: Your Survival Tales and Tips
Share your personal wilderness survival story. What worked when you were lost? What didn't? What advice would you give others?

At Play in the Archipelago of Action
Off the map for most Caribbean sun seekers, the islands of the Lesser Antilles offer boundless potential for adventure. Showcasing St. Lucia, the Grenadines, Grenada, the Virgin Islands, and Petit St. Vincent, we tell you the best places to climb volcanic spires, sail between uninhabited isles, hike to hidden waterfalls, sea kayak in turquoise waters, and explore multicolored reefs. Lesser? Hardly. Read excerpt >>

Fresh Tracks: Ten Perfect Ski Trips
Sick of lift lines? Here are this winter's best ways to beat them: telemark and snowboard camps; low-cost day trips in choppers and snowcats; high-alpine tours; even a new ski area with lift-assisted backcountry runs. So break free—cruiser carpets and quads will still be there when you return from the wilds. Read article >>

The Dark Skies of Sudan
For the pilots who fly aid into southern Sudan, life involves missions in war zones, low-altitude airdrops, landings on dirt fields, and medevacs for the wounded. Whether their motives are missionary or mercenary, all become caught up in Sudan's epic struggle. Says Heather Stewart, the 61-year-old doyenne of Africa's relief pilots: "I'd much rather do this than fly a bunch of fat tourists to look at lions." BY PHILIP CAPUTO Read excerpt >>





No map? No plan? No problem. So said four snowboarders who went to northern Bolivia last May in search of virgin lines.

Robert Garside would be a hero for his around-the-world run—if he hadn't faked parts of it.

In the Field
A former Patagonia CEO hopes to create a new preserve in Argentina—and to dodge the troubles that befell a similar project in Chile.

Balloonist Steve Fossett discusses his failed circumnavigation—and the joys of flying solo in a capsule the size of a Porta-John.

Potentially Huge
The wheel world: Mountain unicyclers tackle everything from the singletrack of British Columbia to the slopes of Mexican volcanoes.

Need to Know
In malarial regions of the world, death can be just a mosquito bite away. So why are some travelers refusing to take preventive drugs?



Snorkel, dive, and kayak in turquoise waters and camp on a nearly empty isle in Florida's Dry Tortugas National Park, America's most pristine ocean wilderness. BY DAVID HERNDON Read excerpt >>


Online Extra
Photo Gallery: Dry Tortugas—America's Ultimate Water Park
See photographer Tim Calver's shots for this Adventure article, and find out how he got them.

Fast Breaks
At these five southern adventure lodges, you can find late season hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, and rock climbing—and finish the day with a Thanksgiving turkey dinner.

World on the Cheap: Ghana—Insider's Africa
With tropical forests, savannas, and empty beaches, Ghana has the breadth of classic African landscapes—without the tourist crowds of Kenya and Tanzania. Read article >>

Where Next
Chilean fjords, a crackdown on travel to Cuba, a new park in South Africa's most ecologically diverse region, and more.



Peter Matthiessen meditates on cranes in The Birds of Heaven, Matthew Hart gets to know a girl's best friend in Diamond, Sebastian Junger reports from the front lines in Fire, and more. BY ANTHONY BRANDT

The Life
Scrambling through the jungles of Papua New Guinea is a good way to flee humanity—and find humility. BY KIRA SALAK


Online Extra
Behind the Article: Q&A With Writer Kira Salak
Salak describes her at-times horrific hike across Papua New Guinea, including visits to refugee camps-cum-guerrilla training centers.



Breakthrough Designs
High-tech for the holidays: ski boots that help rescuers find you in an avalanche, the world's first functional all-wheel-drive mountain bike, an indestructible digital camera, a waterproof night-vision monocular, and more. BY PAUL HOCHMAN
Read gear guides online: mountain hardware, navigation tools, optics.


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Sebastian Junger's Requiem for a Warrior



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