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January/February 2002

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Also in the January/February 2002 issue


The River Jumps Over the Mountain
Miles: 226 [kilometers: 364]. Days: 18. Trips on Earth like it: zero. Paddling the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon is the experience of a lifetime, and it prompted one traveler to question just what his life meant. Between majestic walls more than a billion years old, on mighty rapids that made anything beyond the instant irrelevant, he concluded: not much. And that was a relief. BY DAVID QUAMMEN


Online Extra
Behind the Article: Canyon Images and Insights
The writer discusses "The River Jumps Over the Mountain" and the Grand Canyon's lessons in perspective.

How-To '02: The Adventurer's Handbook
Seeking a fast track to mastery, we asked 30 of the world's top adventurers and athletes for their favorite hard-earned outdoor secrets: how to climb higher and dive deeper. How to paddle stronger and ski faster. How to stick to rock, fall off a bike, and swing a really mean machete. You could spend years learning these skills—but why wait? BY ROBERT EARLE HOWELLS Read article >>

First One Down!
Daron Rahlves, America's top downhill ski racer, traveled to the Chilean Andes last August to train alongside members of the formidable Austrian ski machine. More than just a preseason tune-up, it was a preview of the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, when a single two-minute run will determine who is the best in the games' most exciting event. BY PAUL HOCHMAN Read excerpt >>

The Man Who Walked Through Time
Why would a person devote his life to wandering—from the mountains of Afghanistan to the Empty Quarter of the Arabian Peninsula—and to living with remote tribes? Sir Wilfred Thesiger reflects on his existence beyond the boundaries, assesses modern exploration, and explains why no man can live this life and emerge unchanged. BY MICHAEL SHNAYERSON
Read excerpt >>





Need to Know
Robert Young Pelton—the author of The World's Most Dangerous Places—on traveling safely in troubled times. BY McKENZIE FUNK


Online Extra
Forum: Travel Today—Danger vs. Deep Discounts
Tell us how and where you're traveling in the post-9/11 world.

Then & There
Three elite American climbers were stalled by storms on what became their last expedition for a long time in Pakistan's Karakoram.

Doing It
Inspired by vanished vagabond Everett Ruess, Soren Jesperson set out for a walk around the Colorado Plateau. That was 1,700 miles [2,735 kilometers] ago.

Wild Life
The war against poachers in the Central African Republic will be just that, says Wyoming conservationist Bruce Hayse: a war.


Online Extra
Q&A With Africa's Deadliest Conservationist
Bruce Hayse's government-sanctioned, independent army has been authorized to defend the Central African Republic's wildlife and to shoot first, ask questions later.

Potentially Huge
Get canned, thumped, and munched—for surf kayakers, it's all part of the fun.



American Wilds
The bugs are down, the acreage is up—what better time to paddle the Florida Everglades? BY JAMES CAMPBELL
Read article >>

Out the door from California's Tioga Pass Resort: a hundred ski areas' worth of world-class terrain, and access to Yosemite.


Online Extra
Photo Gallery: Skiing the Range of Light
For our January/February 2002 issue, photographer Bill McChesney skied California's eastern Sierra Nevada. Online, see exclusive shots and find out how he got them.

Fast Breaks
In Central America, rivers tumble past ruins and hot springs to create perfect winter rafting destinations.

Where Next
Galápagos sailing, jungle trekking, wolf-watching, and more.



Mike Dash dissects a Dutch shipwreck in Batavia's Graveyard, Judy Blunt recounts a rough Montana upbringing in Breaking Clean, and Nick Reding goes gaucho in The Last Cowboys at the End of the World. BY ANTHONY BRANDT

The Life
Piotr Chmielinski, one of the world's greatest river explorers, turns his attention—and his legendary determination—to the tainted air at Ground Zero in New York City. BY MARK JANNOT
Read excerpt >>



Travel Tools
Travel light—and right—with these compact tools, from a pocket translator to a svelte headlamp. BY BEN HEWITT
Read gear guides online: compact travel tools.

Snow Sports
Ride high and carve better with these new snowboard setups. BY MICHAEL FRANK
Read gear guides online: snowboarding boots and bindings.

What They Carry
Skinny skis, bullet poles, flat coke—such are the trappings of a top racer in Switzerland's Patrouille des Glaciers.


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