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The Adventurer's Handbook
30 Crucial Skills, Nifty Tips, and Shameless Shortcuts
By Robert Earle Howells

How to Put on Your Skis

Skis often skid away—or plunge deeper into the snow—when you try to step into the bindings on a precipitous slope.

Ski mountaineer and instructor Doug Coombs suggests a simple remedy: Begin by spearing the tail of your left ski into the snow. The rear binding should be just above the surface, with the ski sticking out at about 45 degrees to the right of the fall line. Next, with your plank securely anchored, stomp into the binding and roll your leg to the right as you transfer weight onto the ski.

"When you step down," Coombs says, "the ski should end up sideways on the slope." Slide the left ski downhill a tad. That will give you a solid platform—the snow packed down by the left ski—to stand on as you repeat the process with your right ski. Now you're good to go.

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