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May 2002—Volume 4, Number 4

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Also in the May 2002 issue


The World According to Kropp
He cycled 7,000 miles [11,265 kilometers] to Everest, summitted, then biked home. Now, once he knocks off the North Pole, Göran Kropp intends to sail solo from his native Sweden down to Antarctica, drag a sled to the South Pole, and somehow make it back alive. BRAD WETZLER tries to keep up with a true adventure lunatic.
Read excerpt >>

Action Guides to the Big Ten
Acadia: Kayak the sunrise coast.
Glacier: Trek (noisily) in Grizzlandia.
Grand Canyon: Descend from rim to river.
Grand Teton: Rock the cradle of climbing.
Great Smoky Mountains: Ascend domes, balds, ridges.
Olympic: Hike wild Northwest trails.
Rocky Mountain: Scramble up peaks.
Yosemite: Camp alone in the High Sierra.
Yellowstone: Hot pot in thermal waters.
Zion: Canyoneer in sandstone slots.


Online Extra
Forum: Your Secret Spots in Our Favorite Parks
Tell us where you go to get away from the pack.


Online Extra
FREE Printable “Secret Yellowstone” Map
Print the bonus pullout map included in the May 2002 issue—includes a guide to hidden spots, park information, and more.

The Moonbow Chronicles
On three hikes into the hidden corners of Yellowstone, he discovered winking rocks, unnamed waterfalls, and secret places where the light plays funny tricks. Join TIM CAHILL on an epic expedition into unknown Yellowstone. Plus: a bonus pullout map to the park’s backcountry landmarks.
Read excerpt >>

Online Extra
Yellowstone's Secret-Keeper
Photographer and guide Tom Murphy shows you what you've been missing in America's most iconic park.
Exclusive audio and photos >>

Going on Alone
In the middle of a hurricane, everything went black. When Tami Oldham came to, her boat was nearly destroyed, her fiancé was gone, and she was 1,500 miles [2,414 kilometers] from land. With no engine, no mast, and no radio, the 23-year-old sailor had only her resolve to get her home.





Soaring 6,000 feet [1,829 meters] above the surrounding desert, they’re home to bizarre species, stunning topography, and only a handful of travelers. Welcome to the Chiricahuas, Arizona’s islands in the sky. BY DAVID HOWARD
Read excerpt >>

Fast Breaks
Eddy turns, peel-outs, and rolls form the curriculum on these Class II rivers, all within easy striking distance of downtown.

Where Next
Shark diving, RIP. Plus, bargain surfing in Costa Rica and climbing in South Africa.

World on the Cheap
You could travel through half a continent to see the best of Brazil—or just go to Bahia.



Need to Know
For Nepal, a Maoist insurgency and a killing spree by the crown prince were national tragedies—and a tourism catastrophe. The answer? Marketing 101: Acknowledge the problem—then open 103 new peaks to climbers. BY JAMES VLAHOS

Then & There
Afloat in a sea of green, a huge, lightweight “raft” harbors scientists atop Madagascar's rain forest canopy. They’ve got two months, one ladder, and a whole lot of species to uncover.



Walks on the wildlife side: An Alaskan quest in Lynn Schooler’s The Blue Bear; obsessive amateurs in Mark Cocker’s Birders; and !Kamma, master tracker, in Lyall Watson’s Elephantoms. BY ANTHONY BRANDT

The Life
Cabbie Mayhmet Tursun is the gutsiest driver in China—and the one you want when you absolutely, positively must cross the Taklimakan Desert by Saturday. BY WILLIAM SPEED WEED
Read excerpt >>



From café to crag, Moab to Malibu, these shades will bring your retinas through unscathed. BY DOUG GANTENBEIN
Read gear guide>>

Tough tools that will fix, find, recharge, warn, track, or ignite just about anything—anywhere, anytime.

What They Carry
Forget peak bagging. To really test your gear, crank up the flame on that headlamp and follow Rebecca Jones into the caves.


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Extreme Destination: The Pinnacles, Malaysia

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