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November 2002, Volume 4, Number 9

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Also in the November 2002 issue


Where They Go: 50 Perfect Places
For our American Places special issue, we asked some of the country's top outdoor experts—hikers, bikers, climbers, conservationists, and many others—to name their all-time favorite spots; the result is a passionate, personal portrait of wild America. Award-winning adventure photographers chimed in, too, as did some of today's best outdoor writers, who shared their sacred spots in these essays:

The Mountain out My Window
Read online >>

The Rock Island Line

The Pass Perfect

The Far Side of the Bay

The Rocky Mountain Sahara

The River That Laughs

The Serengeti Ranch

Plus: The Adventurer's Access Guide (Pull-Out Map)


Online Extra
Forum: Your Secret Spots in Our Favorite Parks
Where do you find personal space in U.S. national parks?

Little Sister, Big Mountain?
Its name is Cho Oyu, and it is the sixth highest mountain in the world; a member of the much mythologized 8,000-meter-peak club; a mighty summit in the Himalaya that is as popular as Everest. But none of that mattered much to the author. He was going to climb Cho Oyu because his sister was going. BY MICHAEL FINKEL
Read excerpt >>


Online Extra
He Said, She Said: Author and Sister Speak
Michael and Diana Finkel give both sides of their story in audio interviews.

The Pipe Dreamer
At age 15, it had never occurred to Karl Stanley that he wouldn't be able to do whatever he set his mind to. So why should welding together his own submarine—and taking it to depths that frighten formally trained engineers—be any different? BY PAUL BENNETT


Online Extra
Confessions of a Backyard Submarine Builder
Go-karts are one thing, but a submarine? Karl Stanley discusses his inner Captain Nemo and the mother of all backyard projects.





With ocean-wild waters roaring past ancient citadels and tiny villages, Turkey's Çoruh River has the attention of the world's best rafters. And, unfortunately, its most ambitious hydroelectric engineers. BY McKENZIE FUNK
Read excerpt >>

Fast Breaks
Time for desert: These are the best fall hikes in the Grand Canyon, Big Bend, and beyond.

World on the Cheap
Can Cancún and head for the untouristy, peaceful Mexican state of Chiapas to dive, trek through the jungle, and explore Maya ruins.

Global Health
The vilest deeds of poison weeds—ivy, oak, and sumac—can be avoided if you know the best prevention and treatment tips.

Hot Zones
Indonesia—dazzling, but dangerous post-9/11, right? Wrong, reports a seasoned expat.



Need to Know
It's not easy to be a motivational personality these days. Just ask the mountaineers with multiple sclerosis who went on a problem-plagued, drug company-sponsored expedition up Mount McKinley last May. BY ALEX MARKELS

Doing It
Once, twice, five times a world champion. Well, almost: Surfer Layne Beachley needs just one more victory to become the most successful woman in the history of the sport.

Potentially Huge
Trials riders negotiate massive boulders, slippery logs, and roaring waterfalls on their modified mountain bikes, and draw inspiration from the extreme sport of golf.



Money—[U.S.] $1.2 million, in unmarked bills—for nothing in Mark Bowden's Finders Keepers, and the fatal Australian expedition of Burke and Wills in Sarah Murgatroyd's The Dig Tree. Plus: The Nile, by Robert O. Collins, and Sahara, by Marq de Villiers and Sheila Hirtle. BY ANTHONY BRANDT



Until they start making clothes from whale blubber, nothing will keep you warmer than these wool, fleece, and down jackets, vests, and tops. BY GREG MELVILLE

Let there be lamps: long-lasting LED and brilliant halogen; battery- and gas-powered; bike-, tent-, and trail-ready.

What They Carry
How do Brett and Josh Lowell make their "rocumentaries"? With a pole-mounted digital camera—and ultratight shoes.

The Leading Edge
Customizable topo maps; super-svelte stoves and tents; high-quality, low-cost shells; and more standouts from this summer's Outdoor Retailer trade show. BY STEVE CASIMIRO


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