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*On the River to Timbuktu
Racing down Africa's surly Niger River, our photographer captures timeless visions from an epic kayak expedition. Online-only photos and tips >>
*Avalanche Expert
Buried Alive
And he loves it. Researcher Ed Adams gives the cold facts on his suffering for science. Interview >>
* World Beat
Our music reviewer picks new CDs infused with aural sunshine. Get an earful of adventure >>

* Forums
Sound off! We may publish your message in a future issue of Adventure. FEATURED FORUM: What's your most harrowing travel tale from abroad? >>

arrow Ask the World's Most Dangerous Traveler
Going somewhere you probably shouldn't? Get advice from World's Most Dangerous Places author Robert Young Pelton. We may print the answer in a future Letters column. Go ahead, e-mail us >>

arrow Ask Adventure
Want to boost your adventure IQ? Send your pressing question to our experts and we may print the answer in a future Letters column. Go ahead, e-mail us >>

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* Products From Our Pages
Knowledge is (purchasing) power.


*Bermuda Triangle: Behind the Intrigue

*Kayaking to Timbuktu, Writer Sees Slave Trade, More

*Reporter's Notebook: S. Pacific Ritual Bungee Jumping


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*Links to Leading-Edge Gear
Click to the gotta-have goods profiled in the December 2002/January 2003 issue.


*Las Vegas Rocks
Discover the Vegas that 35 million visitors a year don't see, from Red Rock Canyon to the Colorado River.

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