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*Fire Walking With the Lava Junkies
Braving the world's most active volcano, James Balog gets close to the action to get the shot—without getting burned. Online-only photos and tips >>
*Adventure Reporter Recounts Kidnapping by Colombian Death Squad 
Freed after ten days as a hostage, contributing editor Robert Young Pelton tells the inside story of his ordeal. News story >>
* War in the Parks
Should park rangers risk their lives to patrol the U.S.-Mexico border? Sound off >>

* Ask Adventure 
Want to boost your adventure IQ? Send your pressing question to our experts and we may print the answer in a future Letters column. See this month's answers >>

arrow Ask the World's Most Dangerous Traveler
Going somewhere you probably shouldn't? Get advice from World's Most Dangerous Places author Robert Young Pelton. We may print the answer in a future Letters column. Go ahead, e-mail us >>

* Parks of the Future
What unprotected place would you make the next national park or wilderness area? Post to our message board  >>

* Your Trip Here
Know of a great guide in the Himalaya? The most spectacular slot canyon to explore in the Southwest? Tell us about your most memorable guides, campsites, trips, and adventure bargains. We may share your tips online and in an upcoming issue of Adventure. E-mail us  >>

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Knowledge is (purchasing) power.



*Arizona Park Is "Most Dangerous" in U.S.

*Photographer on Crossing U.S. Border With Illegals

*Explorer Survives Elephant Attack in Gabon

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* Links to Leading-Edge Gear
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*Ten Perfect Ski Trips
Sick of lift lines? Here are our best ways to beat them.

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