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February 2003, Volume 5, Number 1

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National Park War Zone
The park rangers at Arizona's Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument wear camouflage, carry assault rifles, and chase drug smugglers through the blazing desert. They're at the front lines of a violent border war—and they're losing. A special report on the dangerous new reality of America's national parks. BY TOM CLYNES Read excerpt >>

Online Extra
Forum: War in the Parks
Should park rangers risk their lives to patrol the U.S.-Mexico border?

Wild Horizons: The 25 Greatest Trips
Hiking the Himalaya. Rafting the Zambezi. Exploring the Alps, Amazonia, Antarctica. These are some of the world's greatest adventures, and in our comprehensive report on 2003's best outfitted trips, we'll tell you the smarter—and safer—ways to experience them. Plus: travel trends, trip-picking tips, and more.

The Prisoner of Annapurna
Last year, after three unsuccessful attempts to summit Annapurna—including one that nearly cost him his life—brilliant French alpinist Jean-Christophe Lafaille returned to try once more. Maybe it was wise; maybe it was foolish. But it was definitely just what you would expect from the man who is quite possibly the world's strongest climber. BY DAVID ROBERTS

Lost Canyon of the Silver Sage
Hidden deep beneath the sage frontier along the Idaho-Oregon border, the Owyhee River flows through the Sistine Chapel of American canyons. But the area faces threats ranging from ATV riders to the Air Force, and one local river guide is trying to drum up support for protecting the Owyhee—if necessary, one paddler at a time. Read excerpt >>

Online Extra
Forum: Parks of the Future?
What unprotected place would you make the next national park or wilderness area?





American Wilds
Mount Bachelor party: At the High Cascade Snowboard Camp, everyday riders can learn from Olympic pros. BY ALLEN ST. JOHN

Fast Breaks
Driving Florida's croc highway; wolf-tracking, dogsledding, and snowshoeing adventures across the U.S.; trail guides online; and more.

Freeze for all: Ice-climbing festivals around the continent. Plus: 50,000-mile [80,470-kilometer] cyclist Janne Corax Rikerth, chefs on skis, and more.

Tip Sheet
ROBERT YOUNG PELTON on keeping your money safe while traveling; the truth about courier air travel; and freighter fantasy cruises to the South Pacific, South Africa, and beyond. Read excerpt >>

World on the Cheap
Check out the safaris, summits, and surf breaks of South Africa and the dugout-canoe-accessed rain forests of Suriname.

Global Health
JIM THORNTON reports on the keys to fighting hypothermia. Plus: Why you should avoid the tap water on planes and why a well-known aqua advisory is ... all wet.

Bringing It Home
Cuckoo for cocoa: Chocolate from Italy, Venezuela, and Mexico. Plus: Cornerstones for your world music collection and down done right—the Nunatak Dual Alpinists sleeping bag.

Inca adventures in Hugh Thomson's The White Rock, a misunderstood mission in Scott Carpenter and Kris Stoever's For Spacious Skies, 16,000-mile [25,750-kilometer] ice runs in Gavin Weightman's The Frozen-Water Trade, and more. BY ANTHONY BRANDT

Adventure on the Web
Plants that quench your thirst, packing light on the White Rim Trail, snake wrangling, and more.



The Life
He just missed Mount St. Helens, and Stromboli just missed him. At the Mother's Day flow on Hawaii's Big Island, lava junkie JAMES BALOG finally got to play on a volcano. Read excerpt >>

Online Extra
Volcano Photos From This Assignment
Braving the world's most active volcano, James Balog gets close to the action to get the shot—without getting burned



Winter Boots
Toast masters: Freeze-proof boots and snow mocs that let you indulge your inner ice fisherman. BY KALEE THOMPSON

The Leading Edge
A gizmo manifesto: Why to go geek with performance-measuring tools that monitor speed, rate of ascent, power output in watts, VO2 max, and more. BY STEVE CASIMIRO

Hit the road faster with the new, easy-to-use generation of car racks for bikes, boards, skis, and kayaks.


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