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Audio Dispatches
*After the Storm
Seven years ago, climbers Charlotte Fox, Ed Viesturs, and Beck Weathers survived the deadly storm that inspired the book Into Thin Air. Here, they reflect upon life after the '96 climb. Online-only dispatches >>
*Ask Pelton 
Adventure reporter Robert Young Pelton was held hostage for 10 days in the Colombian jungle. We got all the gritty details on how he survived. Now, you can ask for his foreign travel advice online >>
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* Whiteout
In British Columbia this past January, avalanches took the lives of 14 skiers in less than two weeks. What can be learned from this year's tragic avalanche season?

* Ask Adventure 
Want to boost your adventure IQ? Send your burning question to our experts—we could publish the answer in an upcoming issue of Adventure. Ask and ye shall receive >>

* Your Trip Here
Know of a great guide in the Himalaya? The most spectacular slot canyon to explore in the Southwest? Tell us about your most memorable guides, campsites, trips, and adventure bargains. We may share your tips online and in an upcoming issue of Adventure. E-mail us >>

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Photo Galleries

*Among the Lava Junkies
Up close and personal with Hawaii's Kilauea, the world's most active volcano.

*Ten Perfect Ski Trips
Sick of lift lines? Here are our best ways to beat them.
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