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Photo Gallery
*My (Almost) Private Patagonia
Amazing outtakes from photographer David McLain's journey with Tim Cahill to the tip of South America >>
*Everest M.D. 
Just before Luanne Freer left for Everest Base Camp this past March, we spoke to the emergency-medicine physician about her work at the world's highest clinic >>
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* Forums
This month in Adventure, we feature 20 unforgettable experiences in America's greatest National Parks. This month's FEATURED FORUM: What is your ultimate national park adventure?

* Ask Adventure 
How do you measure the height of a peak? And how much does it cost to climb the world's tallest? Boost your Adventure IQ >>

* Four Years on the Lewis and Clark Trail
The commemorations of the Corps of Discovery's journey to the West extend through September of 2006. If you plan to retrace their steps along the way, start your trip here >>

* Your Trip Here
Know of a great guide in the Himalaya? The most spectacular slot canyon to explore in the Southwest? Tell us about your most memorable guides, campsites, trips, and adventure bargains. We may share your tips online and in an upcoming issue of Adventure. This Month's Tip: A Patagonian Wonder >>

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Photo Galleries

*Yellowstone's Secret-Keeper
What have you been missing in America's most iconic park? Photographer and guide Tom Murphy is glad to show you—just don't ask him how to get there.
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