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June/July 2003, Volume 5, Number 5

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Notes From the Tundra Ground
On a two-week journey into Alaska's Brooks Range with a few good friends and a few good books, MARK SUNDEEN discovered that America's remotest range is the perfect place to lose oneself in the twin pleasures of moderate Arctic climbing and heavy Russian literature. Read excerpt >>

The Six Lands of Adventure
America's largest state is vast, but that doesn't mean it has to be intimidating. We've subdued the monster by dividing it into six regions, each with its own singular brand of wild beauty and adventure. Here's everything you need to know to plan the ultimate Alaska vacation, from hiring a bush pilot to summiting McKinley. BY JEFF RENNICKE
Central Coast: Land of Ice (Read excerpt >>)
Southwest: Land of Fire
Southeast: Land of Rain
Alaska Range: Land of Stone
Yukon Country: Land of Gold
Arctic North: Land of Light

Kidnapped in the Gap
The Darién Gap between Panama and Colombia is an unmapped jungle Eden—and a battlefield in Colombia's brutal civil war. When ROBERT YOUNG PELTON and two backpackers were taken hostage by a shadowy military group, they entered a deadly ordeal that generated international headlines. Here's their story. Read excerpt >>

In Search of the Perfect Swimming Hole
Nothing beats leaping off a rock ledge for a cool swim on a hot day—except maybe doing so for a living. Pancho Doll has dedicated his life to tracking down America's greatest swimming holes, and now he's ready to share his secrets of splash. BY ERIK TORKELLS (Read excerpt >>)

Online Extra
Fifteen Fab Swimming Holes
Get detailed hiking and driving directions to Pancho's favorite pools here >>





American Wilds
The White Mountains done right: Hiking the freshly cut Cohos Trail through New Hampshire's wildest, emptiest corner. BY BEN HEWITT Read excerpt >>

World on the Cheap
When you cruise Australia's Queensland coast by bushcamper, your home has wheels—and your backyard is filled with isles, reefs, and rain forest.

Will personal locator beacons, legal in the United States as of this summer, eliminate the "search" from search and rescue?

Wild Roads
A four-day, post-snow, pre-crowds spin through Wyoming's glacier-packed Wind River Range.

The Essentials
Make the most of the digital revolution with our free pullout guide to adventure photography: tips and tricks from the pros for getting great shots, advice on the best high-tech gear, and more.

Online Extras
Photo Critique
Online this month, our editors evaluate some of the Adventure staff's own travel photos, sharing the criteria for a winning shot. Learn from their mistakes—and find out how to get feedback on your own travel pics here >>

Field Photography Guide
Check out our online field guide to National Geographic-quality photography >>

Minnesota nature photographer Jim Brandenburg shares his techniques and tips on digital photography in this online-only interview >>

Photo Contest
Beginning in June, AOL members can enter an Adventure photo contest when they log on to AOL Keyword: Adventure Photo Contest. The winning photos will be published in the magazine.

Bringing It Home
Lug it like a local with dynamic day-trip bags from Russia, Bolivia, and beyond. Plus: West Africa's new musical fusion.

Global Health
Deadly outbreaks like SARS, avian flu, and Ebola are the stuff of nightmares for travelers and epidemiologists alike. But you don't have to stay home to stay safe. BY JIM THORNTON

Online Extra
Get news on SARS here >>

The history of gravity-powered extreme sports in Garrett Soden's fascinating Falling; firefighting as combat in John N. Maclean's Fire and Ashes; and more. BY ANTHONY BRANDT


Adventure on the Web
How to tackle El Capitan; black-market commerce and mountain adventure on the Tibetan Plateau; and more.

Online Extra
Ask Adventure
Want to boost your adventure IQ? Send your burning question to our experts and we may print the answer in an upcoming issue. Go ahead, ask us >>


The Adventures of Tim Cahill
The caviar dungeon is a dark room in Azerbaijan, tended by dangerous men in black. It's a great place for lunch.



Shades with street style and high-performance substance for biking, kayaking, and more. BY MELISSA WAGENBERG

The Leading Edge
Lightweight, durable, packable travel clothing that breathes when you exercise—and won't make you look like an extra in a low-budget safari movie. BY STEVE CASIMIRO


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Wild Angle: Kurdistan

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June/July 2003

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