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*Castaway in Paradise
Escape to the South Pacific with photographer Peter McBride's spectacular outtakes—above and below sea level—from the Tuamotu Archipelago and listen to writer Jon Bowermaster's audio dispatches from the French Polynesian paradise >>
*Drastic Decisions  
Aron Ralston severed his right arm to escape the grasp of an 800-pound (363-kilogram) chockstone. We spoke to SAR Commander Rex Tanner about what Ralston did right, what he did wrong, and what the media left out while covering the dramatic self-rescue >>
* True Grit
One of the original mushers tells about running the tenth leg of the 1925 serum dogsled run to save icebound Nome, Alaska, from a deadly diphtheria epidemic. Listen to the archival interview >>

* Tracking the Ghosts of Alaska
How an obituary led authors Gay Salisbury and Laney Salisbury on a five-year search to uncover the truth behind an Alaskan tale of life, death, and heroism. Read the behind-the-scenes story about the research and writing of The Cruelest Miles >>

* Solo Circumnavigator
Swedish mountaineer Renata Chlumska embarks on a 480-day expedition around the periphery of the United States, paying homage to Göran Kropp. Read interview >>

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* Ask Adventure 
Send your burning adventure questions to our experts, and we may publish them in an upcoming issue. This month: What's the best time and place to view Africa's wildlife migrations? Boost your Adventure IQ >>

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*Belize's Nightmare Caves
Sink into the underworld of Belize's holy Mayan caves—a dark nether region that's shedding light on the disturbing rituals of an ancient civilization.
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