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Special Feature: Ultimate America. Highlights From Adventure's Guide to the Nation's ExtremesMost Massive MountainDeepest LakeHighest TownOldest TreeLargest CraterBiggest WavesHighest Concentration of Stone GoblinsLargest CactusesMore American Extremes
As soon as Vincent Keipper turned his back on Kilimanjaro's Furtwängler Glacier earlier this year, he heard the ice begin to stir, then a loud crack. "We turned to see the ice mass collapse with a roar," the amateur adventurer says. But Furtwängler is not the only big block of ice feeling the heat in the new millennia. Read more about the condition of tropical glaciers in our online exclusive >>
Considered one of the most cataclysmic geological events in human history, Krakatoa's ferocious eruption of 1883 blew the mountain to bits. Today, the volcano's remnant islets are part of Indonesia's premier national park, Ujung Kulon. Join photographer Martin Westlake and writer Jamie James with outtakes from their pilgrimage to the Indonesian fire god. Enter gallery >>
* Trapped on Grand Teton
Thirteen climbers were ascending the popular Exum Ridge Route on Wyoming's Grand Teton when lightning struck, leaving one of them dead and several others seriously injured. The inside story of one of the most dramatic, and most successful, rescue operations in U.S. climbing history. Read story >>

* Carrying a Heavy Load
Many trekkers have checked Kilimanjaro off their life lists with the help of Tanzanian porters. Last year, three porters died from exposure on the mountain during a brutal storm. This year, at least three more have succumbed to hypothermia on the least technical of the Seven Summits. Scott Dimetrosky of the International Mountain Explorers Connection talks about what's being done for porters on a deceptively dangerous mountain. Read Q&A >>

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