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November 2003, Volume 5, Number 9

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Also in the November 2003 issue


The CO2 Chronicles
Here's TIM CAHILL's perverse recipe for underground fun. First, find a long, deep, poisonous cave on the other side of the planet, preferably in Thailand. Next, squeeze your way into its foulest chambers. Then, when the oxygen thins and you stop thinking straight, run for your life. Read excerpt >>

Photo Gallery
Thailand's Toxic Caves
Join Photographer Mark Cosslett on an expedition into northern Thailand's labyrinth of caves. Utilizing a specialized breathing device, Cosslett and his fellow explorers pushed to new depths to discover blind river fish, lost coffins and the spooky effects of CO2. Enter gallery >>

Trips 2004: Wild Horizons
Grab your passport—we've assembled 25 life-list adventures in every corner of the globe. From the extreme (dogsledding Greenland, skiing Antarctica), to the serene (biking the Azores, kayaking Baja), from the posh to the penny-pinching, we've found the trips you'll never forget. BY SARAH J.M. TUFF Read excerpt >>

The Swamp Thing
The Okefenokee, on the Georgia-Florida state line, is the Yellowstone of swamps—more than 700 square miles (1,813 square kilometers) of southern blackwater sheltered by cypress trees and teeming with wildlife. Marshland maven GEOFFREY NORMAN took on the big bog by canoe and found a place of unmatched beauty and solitude.

The 12 Habits of Highly Successful Survivors
Plane crashes, sinking ships, climbing accidents: LAURENCE GONZALES has spent decades studying the people who live through these calamities and has uncovered the character traits that survivors have in common. Do you have what it takes to get back alive? A how-to list for beating the odds. Read excerpt >>

Secrets of Survival
Contributing Editor Laurence Gonzales has made a career out of deconstructing perilous, often deadly, ordeals in the wilderness. Here, the sultan of survival talks about the beginnings of his morbid curiosity, what's to be learned from history's great survivors and why people rest aluminum ladders on electrical wires in our online Q&A >>





American Wilds
If you want to play castaway, you won't do better than uninhabited Mona Island, off the coast of Puerto Rico—a tropical paradise of warm turquoise seas, labyrinthine caverns, and mile after mile of empty white-sand beach on which to while away the days. BY JAMES VLAHOS Read excerpt >>

Next Weekend
By November, the hordes have gone home. But the incredible sand and waves of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, are still open to paddlers and surfers. Plus, 17 other great autumn escapes. BY CLIFF RANSOM AND JAMES VLAHOS

Global Health
SARS, Ebola, monkeypox . . . yawn. Find out what travel doctors are worried about now, and what you can do to protect yourself. BY JOHN GALVIN

Wild Roads
Base camp: Vegas! Desert adventures are a sure bet on a multisport spin through southern Nevada. BY CLIFF RANSOM Read excerpt >>

Tip Sheet
Looking to up your terminal velocity? Here's how to stay sane in the new age of airport security. Plus, avoiding camera theft, and planning an epic trek for 2004. BY ROBERT YOUNG PELTON

Nathaniel Philbrick's Sea of Glory is a strong encore to his best-selling In the Heart of the Sea. David Baron deconstructs a mountain lion mauling in The Beast in the Garden. Plus, tales of endurance on land and sea. BY ANTHONY BRANDT

Adventure on the Web
Buying property in a Third World locale. Plus, mountain climber Ed Viesturs on what it takes to make a living as a professional adventurer. Read excerpt >>



The Life
The great eminence of nature writing traveled to Antarctica to seek answers about the natural world's remarkable diversity amid one of the largest penguin colonies. He returned with a renewed sense of awe toward the mysteries of nature. BY PETER MATTHIESSEN Read excerpt >>


Travel Bags
Save your backpack for the trail. Here are ten great carryalls, each durable, innovative, and hassle-free—and made with a specific type of adventure traveler in mind. BY GWEN KILVERT

The Leading Edge
Today's point-and-shoot cameras are virtually foolproof, but that doesn't mean they're indistinguishable. Here, professional advice on choosing the perfect sharp shooter. BY STEVE CASIMIRO


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