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Get a preview of our April cover story with three of our twelve timeless trips to landscapes made famous by some of America's greatest filmmakers, photographers, writers, and more.
Photo: Monument Valley on the Utah-Arizona border

Since it was first published in 2001, readers have clamored for the definitive ranking of adventure classics. Now the list goes online for an encore, plus five new favorites. View the top 100 >>
Writer Robert Young Pelton travels to Afghanistan's Pashtun tribal areas—a suspected safe haven for Osama bin Laden. See exclusive outtakes in our online photo gallery >>
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Table of Contents for April 2004
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•  American Icons: Twelve amazing trips in the
landscapes of legends
The Indie Traveler's Handbook: The ultimate
DIY travel cheat sheet
Take It or Leave It? Our definitive packing checklist
Plane Truth: Booking your ideal indie flights
Money Matters: What's in your money belt?

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April 2004

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