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Money Matters
Experienced travelers can talk for hours about where and how they hide their valuables. Here are the pros and cons of some well-tested methods. By Doug Lansky

The Expendable Cash Stash
Keep enough cash for a day's outing in a wallet or pouch (along with some expired credit cards) so you won't have to dip into your money belt for minor transactions. And you'll have something nice to offer persuasive thieves. (It is also advisable to keep $100 hidden somewhere else in your clothing or pack in case your money belt gets stolen.)

The Neck Pouch
Comfortable and easily accessed.
Con: Easy to swipe.

The Waist Belt
Readily available and subtly accessed.
Cons: Gets sweaty and makes your waistline look bulky.

The Leg Strap
Inconspicuous and hard to grab.
Cons: Doesn't work with shorts and is difficult to access.

The Hip Pouch
Well hidden and slim enough for sleeping.
Cons: Can't accommodate bulky contents.

Photo of money belt with A through L-marked items
A. $900 U.S. cash—
$500 for emergencies
$400 for spending
B. Discount cards (e.g., international student or teacher ID cards)
C. $100 in local currency
D. Phone card, for easy collect calls (or purchase an eKit global card for cheap rates worldwide; www.ekit.com)
E. Passport
F. Driver's license
G. Credit card
H. Imodium pills, for that long bus ride when your pack is on the roof
I. Ten extra color passport photos, for assorted visas and permits
J. Debit card
K. Flight tickets and vaccination records, Ziplocked to guard against foul weather
L. Licenses (e.g. PADI or NAUI scuba certificate, pilot's license)

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From the print edition, April 2004

The American Icons
The Indie Traveler's Handbook
- Money Matters: Keeping your cash safe

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April 2004

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