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Alaska's Virgin Islands
Tent City: Getting 40 winks surrounded by epic scenery on the Columbia requires quick maneuvering and a roll of trusty duct tape.

"This is a shot of the solarium, also known as Tent City, on the ferry the Columbia. People scurry around franticly to get their own sliver of this prized spot. Tent City is deservingly the most popular area on the ferry—you can chat, take in the fresh air, and, because the roof is glass, there is always a tremendous view. It's like camping on deck, and you don't put up with the stuffiness and snoring inside the public sleeping areas.

"Campers learn very quickly that a tent has to be duct-taped down to the deck because of the turbulent wind. There are some classic stories of people losing their tents over the edge. I heard one story where a guy got out of his tent wearing only his underwear, and his tent disappeared overboard with everything in it!"

—Photographer Rich Reid

Photograph by Rich Reid

May 2004

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