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*Grail Trails
The Appalachian. The Pacific Crest. The Continental Divide. They're America's backpacking epics. In our June/July issue we bring you the best of the behemoths. Here you'll get:
Photo: A hiker on the Appalachian Trail

Imagine a scorpion floating in your whiskey, or catching nocturnal fish underneath a sliver of moon. On a two-week cruise down the Mekong River, photographer Ben Lowy found the vibrant riverside culture of Laos. Enter the gallery >>
Ten years ago, caver Chris Nicola began his investigation into a little-known tale of Holocaust survival. What he uncovered involved 38 Jews, one of the longest caves on Earth, and 344 days without daylight. Read the Q&A and article excerpt >>

Off the Face of the Earth: Holocaust survival
in the underground labyrinths of western Ukraine
Southbound on the Mekong: The pristine
mountain jungle, ancient Khmer ruins, and sacred
Buddhist caves of tiny Laos
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One Day at a Time on the Five-Million Step Program:
The views along the AT are enough to drive a man sane
A World of Hurt: What's ailing the next generation of outdoor athlete

Send your adventure question to our experts and we may publish it in an upcoming issue. This month: The mystery of wicking fabrics and 20 backcountry essentials. Boost your adventure IQ >>

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June/July 2004

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