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*Wild Roads
In the August issue, we kick up some dust across the best of dirt-road America. Here's a little taste of how it's done when no pavement is allowed.
Photo: Eastern Oregon's Alvord Desert

Join photographer Ami Vitale on a trip deep into northeast India to witness the escalating conflict between villagers and the wild elephants they both revere and fear. Enter the gallery >>
Global warming is a hot subject these days, so we asked renowned glaciologist Lonnie Thompson to separate fact from fiction to explain how a library of ice is his legacy to future generations. Read the
Q&A >>


Wild Roads Special: The best rides in backroad America
Stomping Grounds: The clash of man and elephant in northeast India
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The Vanishing World of Lonnie Thompson: How glacial ice cores are unlocking the mysteries of global warming

In every issue of Adventure, Contributing Editor Robert Young Pelton addresses the most baffling of travel quandaries. This month: Harsh Medicine: How to handle a medical catastrophe abroad >>

Send your adventure question to our experts and we may publish it in an upcoming issue. This month: Floating the Mississippi in a simple craft, and how to treat your peeling hands and feet after a hike. Boost your adventure IQ >>

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August 2004

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