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*Where to Live and Play Now!
Spend a week in any one the ten enticing base-camp burgs featured in our September issue and you may never want to leave. Here, we serve up a taste of what it's like to live the adventure lifestyle.
Photo: a bike on top of a car

For people who dream of making the outdoors part of their daily routine, this quirky North Carolina town is inspiring. For photographer Alex di Suvero, Asheville offered the perfect mix of adrenaline and relaxation. Enter the gallery >>
Our resident extreme-travel expert Robert Young Pelton tells how to survive a foreign fleecing. Plus, send us your burning international travel question, and Pelton could answer it in an upcoming column. Read article >>

Adventure Towns: You may never want to leave.
The River Wilder: Maine's classic American
river trip
K2 at 50: The controversy surrounding the world's
most vicious mountain
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