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*What It Takes...
What would it take to live your adventure dreams? To find out, we asked the experts for advice on how to motor the Sahara, bike across America, bareboat the Caribbean, or become a jungle apprentice. Here we serve up three online exclusives:
Photo: taking a big leap

In a lost civilization without the perks of modern life, writer Jim Thornton and photographer Olivier Laude took the ultimate Amazon eco-tour—and lived to tell about it. Enter the gallery >>
For reader James Burger, coasting over the green expanse surrounding Lookout Mountain was the perfect fix for his hang gliding fascination. Read about his experience ... and then submit your own >>

What It Takes: The best dream adventures you can make happen—today.
Welcome to the Neighborhood: Can mountain lions and mountain bikers get along?
Secrets of the Black Hills: Granite towers, sunken caves, and singletrack abound.
Pelton's World: Five things travel guidebooks never tell you.
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