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More from West Coast Editor Steve Casimiro

Photo Gallery: Powder Rangers
When ski junkie Steve Casimiro gets dangerously desperate for a fix, he bolts to British Columbia's Powder Triangle.

The Best of Adventure 2004
Next month in our December/January 2005 issue of Adventure, we'll deliver the smartest, most innovative developments in the world of outdoors sports and travel for the new year. But if you need a refresher for where things stand, check last year's tribute to the best of adventure.

Steve Casimiro Photography
He's a shooting pro, a writing wiz, and no slouch in the great outdoors—be it land, water, or air. Check out some of West Coast Editor Steve Casimiro's work online.

Desktop Wallpaper: Adventure Photos
Browse the adventure and exploration photos in our archive—each one ready to be downloaded as wallpaper.


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Photo Gallery

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Galápagos Islands
You learn a lot of things in the Galápagos Islands. For instance, you learn that sea lions are thigmotactic—they crave body contact—and thus lie around in big piles looking like giant sausages. Or that they have external ears, which is an easy way to distinguish them from seals. Or that 600-pound (272-kilogram) males can run faster than a human—even on the soft sand of Gardner Bay on Isla Española—that it's not a very good idea to walk up to a bull lording over his harem and say, "Nice doggy."

—West Coast Editor Steve Casimiro

Photograph by Steve Casimiro

November 2004

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