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Town and Country Rides
Whether you're jumping stumps on weekends or hopping curbs all week, this season's lighter, stronger frames, more absorbent suspensions, advanced ergonomics, and cutting-edge gear are tailored to suit your riding style. Here are our picks for the best two bikes for doing it up downhill or downtown. By Steve Casimiro
Photo: Marin's Rocky Ridge
STREET LEGAL: Marin's Rocky Ridge ($1,240; www.marinbikes.com) exemplifies the sport's latest crossbreed, a mix of BMX and mountain rigs known as the urban assault bike, built for dirt but happy on pavement, too. It features a steep-angled top tube for easy escapes, five inches of front suspension, and eight-inch Hayes disc brake rotors that could stop a freight train.

Photo: Intense 5.5 EVP
KING OF THE HILL: With five inches of suspension travel at front and rear, you won't find a better mountain bike than the Intense 5.5 EVP ($4,200, fully equipped; www.intensecycles.com). The EVP climbs phenomenally, bombs downhill like a wild thing, and takes country bumps with marshmallow ease.

Trick out your wheels with some of the hot new biking gear featured in the March issue of Adventure.

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