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Revenge of the Dammed
Take that, Lake Powell! After 40 years underwater, Glen Canyon is coming back.

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The Four Corners region is an outdoor action zone too big for any one state and too wild to be defined by straight lines on a map. From the slickrock of the canyonlands to the alpine summits of the San Juans, this is America's adventure heartland.

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New Frontiers of the Southwest
Three photographers reveal new ways to look at the land of the Old Ones. By Libby Stephens

A new West is emerging. Or, at least, new ways to look at the old West. Three photographers each on assignment for stories in our March 2005 issue, delved deep into the Southwest to explore new frontiers. They came back with stories to tell. Photographer Bill Hatcher found a fresh take on an ancient civilization (the Chaco Meridian theory). Lee Cohen photographed the birth of an 812-mile (1,307-kilometer) trail sure to rival the Appalachian (the Hayduke Trail). Ace Kvale captured the second coming of a once-drowned wonder (Glen Canyon). Here are outtakes—exclusive to the Web.

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March 2005

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