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Radio Active
Hear audio clips from interviews with Adventure contributors on National Geographic's World Talk.

National Geographic's new radio program World Talk takes listeners across the globe for informal interviews with NG contributors, scientists, and explorers about their remarkable experiences in the field. Starting this month, you can now tune in for Q&As with Adventure contributors on the weekly radio program.

World Talk's anchor Peter Laufer is an award-winning journalist and writer, with many years experience as a broadcaster. He has covered civil wars in Central America, immigration issues and accounts of drug trafficking in Mexico, earthquakes, and revolutions, as well as natural disasters worldwide.

World Talk is available on XM Satellite Radio and through Public Radio International. For an on-air schedule, visit www.nationalgeographic.com/radio/worldtalk.html.

This month's programming includes:

NASA astronaut John Grunsfeld, profiled in the March issue (read excerpt), compares two extraordinary places—outer space and Denali's summit.

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Photo: astronauts working on Hubble
John Grunsfeld (right) with Rick Linnehan, in front of the Hubble.

Contributing Editor Robert Young Pelton talks about his firsthand experience in Baghdad's Green Zone.

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Photo: Robert Young Pelton
Adventure columnist Robert Young Pelton photographed in Afghanistan.

Writer Michael McRae tells of dodging bullets in Burundi while looking for a man-eating croc named Gustave, who is believed to be the largest Nile crocodile in the world.

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Photo: Michael McRae and Bobby Model
Writer Michael McRae (left) and photographer Bobby Model at ease in Burundi while tracking down Gustave, the killer croc.

To play the files above, you'll need free media-player software, such as Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, or iTunes.

Photographs courtesy of NASA, Robert Young Pelton, and Michael McRae.

Additional Excerpts
From the print edition, March 2005

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March 2005

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