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*The Adventures of
Your Life
For each phase of life, there's an adventure to be had. From toddler to octogenarian, from swinging single to honeymooner, we've mapped out your existence—one trip at a time. Here's just a hint of the inspiration you'll find inside the April issue.
Photo: a boat on the water
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Work it hard in the backcountry, and wear it well into town. We show you the latest looks in outdoor apparel. See the Spring Gear Special >>
After over 20 years of being off-limits, Libya has reopened its doors to American travelers. By Land Cruiser, camel, and foot, photographer Bobby Model and writer Kira Salak charted the country's ancient wonders. View Model's outtakes >>

Selected Articles
Rediscovering Libya: Writer Kira Salak explores the country's incredible sights >>
The Tsunami Volunteers: Writer Matthew Power finds a sliver of redemption in the disaster's wake. Plus, how you can lend a hand >>
Weird Science: Actor Edward Norton hosts a new National Geographic TV series on PBS >>
Pelton's World: Fresh from the Green Zone, Pelton takes a cruise—and likes it >>
100th Birthday: Explorer Col. Norman Vaughan's big plans (with audio clips) >>
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Have you been on a tremendous trip and have the photos to prove it? Send your letters and photos to us for consideration for There & Back, our reader-generated back page column. This month: Dr. Nina Cerfolio reports on running The Great Wall Marathon. Click here for submission guidelines and to see photos from other readers' great trips >>

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