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Photo: Photographer Bobby Model
Photographer Bobby Model
Libya's Shifting Sands
Photographer Bobby Model goes on a sand trek to see the country's many incredible, untapped sites. By Mary Anne Potts

Off limits for over two decades, Libya has long been a source of mystery to travelers. But when the travel embargo was lifted in February of 2004, American travelers were finally allowed to reenter the North African country bordering the Mediterranean. For "Rediscovering Libya" (read excerpt >>) in the April 2005 issue of Adventure, Contributing Photographer Bobby Model and Contributing Editor Kira Salak set out to see what Libya has to offer, following in the footsteps of 19th-century Scottish explorer Hugh Clapperton. But in a country that's 90 percent desert, just getting around the giant sandbox to see the unique sites—from a haunted mountain (Kaff Jinoon) to the ruins of a city slated to rival Rome (Leptis Magna)—is a major obstacle. By Land Cruiser, camel, and on foot, Nairobi-based photographer Bobby Model shares outtakes from their three-week Libyan odyssey.

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Map: Libya


April 2005

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