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Photo: a trail
WALK OF FAME: Hikers on New Zealand's fabled Routeburn Track.

Photograph by Peter Potterfield
*The World's Best Hikes
Spring is here! And to embrace it, author Peter Potterfield selected his shortlist of the top hikes in the world, drawn from more than 30 years and 5,000 miles (8,047 kilometers) of experience. Here, get trail-ready with our online picks:

The wave-riding surf is rising all over Latin America. Our exclusive surfing guide features ten hot spots to catch southern-hemi swells this summer. Find your surfing safari >>
After two earthquakes and 12 years of civil war, El Salvador is shaking off its rough image and emerging as a world-class surf spot. Photographer Meredith Davenport captured the local color and energy of this burgeoning scene. View outtakes >>
Have you been on a tremendous trip and have the photos to prove it? Send your letters and photos to us for consideration for Your Turn: There & Back, our reader-generated back-page column. This month: Firefighter Tom Ritland's photo of Mexico's Popocatápetl. Click here for submission guidelines and photos from other readers' great trips >>

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