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"Life's an Adventure"
Here's your plan to be in the right places at the best times of your life.
- Coming of Age
- Love & Marriage
- Friends & Family

The Photographer's Handbook

Gear: Digital Cameras
The time is now to go digital. Here are three great options.

There & Back: The Great Wall Marathon
Ultramarathoner Nina Cerfolio, M.D., runs along a 2,000-year-old wall.

There & Back: Greenland
Skiing the largest island on the planet—Camelia Liparoti photographs the powder in Greenland.

There & Back: Italy
Paddling past the Piazza—Olivier Renck goes kayaking in Venice.

There & Back: Canada
Reader Carolanne Markowitz rafts Nunavut's Burnside River.


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"Life's an Adventure" Reader Photo Album
This month we're posting amazing images in the first-ever edition of our online reader photo album. Send us your best trip photos and they could be published in the future.

April 2005's cover story, "The Adventures of Your Life: How to Fill All Your Days With Pure Excitement" (read excerpt >>), mapped out the best trips for each phase of life, from honeymooning to bonding with friends and family. To build our first ever online photo album, we asked readers to send us their best trip pictures and take-away tips. The photos we sorted through came from all over the world and have garnered high praise at our offices. For this first edition, we found a fantastic group of family and friends who went skydiving in Belize, an inspired college student who earned college credit on her port-to-port tour of the world, and a woman who, while on a horseback safari in Kenya, got to see just how fast an elephant can run. Thanks for the great photos!

This is an ongoing project, so please continue to send us your most memorable travel photos. Selected photos will be published in the magazine at a future date.

Submission Guidelines:
Send your photos and a trip description of 250 words or less.

Via e-mail:
(For digital images, send 72 dpi at 4x6.)
adventure@ngs.org, subject line: "Life's an Adventure" Reader Photo Album
Click here to submit your photos and trip description via e-mail >>

Via mail:
(Photos cannot be returned so please do not send originals.)
"Life's an Adventure" Reader Photo Album
National Geographic Adventure magazine
104 West 40th Street
New York, NY 10018

Additional Excerpts
From the print edition, May 2005

The World's Best Hikes: Author Peter Potterfield's top trail picks
Point, Shoot, and Know When to Run: NG photographer Carsten Peter's incredible life
Pelton's World: A modern-day Easy Rider lays down the rules of the road
"Life's an Adventure" Reader Photo Album: See readers' photos and submit your own



May 2005

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