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"Life's an Adventure"
Here's your plan to be in the right places at the best times of your life.
- Coming of Age
- Love & Marriage
- Friends & Family

The Photographer's Handbook

Gear: Digital Cameras
The time is now to go digital. Here are three great options.

There & Back: The Great Wall Marathon
Ultramarathoner Nina Cerfolio, M.D., runs along a 2,000-year-old wall.

There & Back: Greenland
Skiing the largest island on the planet—Camelia Liparoti photographs the powder in Greenland.

There & Back: Italy
Paddling past the Piazza—Olivier Renck goes kayaking in Venice.

There & Back: Canada
Reader Carolanne Markowitz rafts Nunavut's Burnside River.


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"Life's an Adventure" Reader Photo Album
Photo: Beda Beeli and his former wife Conny
Friends & Family: On a tandem bicycle, photographer Beda Beeli and his then wife Conny took three years to see 20,000 miles of Asia and beyond.

"We still had another 30 miles to get over the pass to Xiahe in Lanzhou, China, when it started to snow. This photo was taken in the summer of 2002, the eighth month of my then wife Conny [pictured in the back row, center] and my three-year 20,000-mile journey from Singapore to Beijing, as well as New Zealand, Hawaii, and the Americas, riding on a Cannondale tandem. This Tibetan family offered us yak butter tea, potato soup, and homemade pasta while we waited out the storm. We admired the ever-present smell of yaks and sheep, the yak dung-fueled clay oven, and the lightbulb powered by a car battery. Everything in their home was simple, neat, and tidy.

"It occurred to us that the family had likely never before seen Westerners because when Conny took out her contact lenses, they were almost disgusted. Later when the family saw my camera, they gasped. Then all the women went inside to change into their best clothing. We tried to get them to smile for the picture, but it wasn't until the camera exposure clicked that they started laughing."

—Beda Beeli, 35
Accountant and Photographer
South Burlington, Vermont

DIY: China is becoming increasingly accessible to visitors. "The food is great and the travel pretty inexpensive. I found that bicycle was the best way to get around because everyone else is bicycling, too," says Beeli. Xiahe, Labrang in Tibetan, in the Gansu Province of China, serves as home to the Labrang Tibetan Monastary.

Photograph courtesy of Beda Beeli

Additional Excerpts
From the print edition, June/July 2005

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Pelton's World: Our man on the scene tells when to fight or take flight.
Croatia By Sea: Contributing Editor Jon Bowermaster's dispatches from sea kayaking along the Dalmatian Coast.
"Life's an Adventure" Reader Photo Album: See readers' photos and submit your own.



June/July 2005

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