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Patagonia's Cerro Torre

Photo: Cerro Torre

See photos of Patagonia's otherworldly Cerro Torre from the climb that bagged one of alpine climbing's greatest prizes.
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The Buy List: Gimme Shelter
A honeymoon of a tent, a better messenger, and a fresh take on an old jersey.  Text by Steve Casimiro

Photo: Rei tentThe Perfect Dome-icile
REI QuaRter Dome UL : $219

There are lighter, sexier, smaller, and fancier two-person tents, but none that so effortlessly combine livability, compactness, and value as the Rei quarter Dome UL ( The three-season shelter weighs just four and a quarter pounds (1.9 kilograms)—split between two packs, that's just less than a full Nalgene bottle each—and it's blessed with dual side doors and vestibules, the remedy for those clumsy, honeymoon-ending 2 a.m. crawl-overs. Ventilation, which stinks in single-wall ultralights, is terrific in this two-waller; enormous mesh panels are pasted everywhere but the floor. And setup takes less than 60 seconds, thanks to color-coded poles and "dead end" pole sleeves. Then, of course, there's the price: You can't beat two bills for a decent ultralight tent.

Photo: Timbuk2 bagThe Un-Messenger Bag
Timbuk2 Outtawhack: $100

I'll risk heresy and say that messenger bags are overrated for anyone but bike messengers. The Timbuk2 Outtawhack ( is the exception. By replacing a bandolier with backpack straps, it stabilizes loads better than traditional bags, but keeps the comfy angled orientation.

Photo: Faema trainerMark Of A Champ
Woolistic Winter Wool Trainer: $210

Faema was an Italian espresso machine maker that sponsored the legendary cyclist Eddy Mercyx—a cool hook for this retro Woolistic Winter Wool Trainer ( And though your buds will be jealous over its slick style, you'll be enamored with its warm, easy-to-care-for, machine-washable wool.


The Download
Our indomitable (and slightly obsessive) gear guru, Steve Casimiro, taps into this month's buzz.

Spring snow is sticky; waxing's a pain. The best ski and board treatment is Teflon-based Notwax ($15;—just wipe it on and go. 

Gear geeks debate down versus synthetic sleeping bags ad nauseam, but the truth is that synthetics have only one benefit: They're cheaper. Suck it up and buy down.

If you're feeling ecoguilt during vinyasas, ditch your PVC-based yoga mat and get one made of natural rubber from Jade ($40;

This season runs a free shuttle up Teton Pass every 45 minutes Thursdays through Sundays ( All the backcountry, none of the hitching.

Photographs courtesy of REI; Timbuk2; Woolistic

Photo: March Cover

Pick up the March 2006 issue for more secrets of the   Southwest, nine Caribbean adventures, the best gear for runners, and our World Class outfitter trips.

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