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Summer 1999

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small arrowProfile: Bill Stone, High-tech Explorer
Sure, he's hiked, rappelled, mapped, dived, and nearly died in some of the world's deepest caves. But, please, don't call Bill Stone an adventurer.

small arrowForum: Eighteen Months on the Edge
What adventure would be worth a year and a half of your life?
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  The Battle for the Black Lagoon
Bill Stone brought the latest underwater technology to Florida's Wakulla Springs—and an approach to cave diving that some saw as a challenge to the sport's purist soul.
By Geoffrey Norman
Small ArrowCheck out our profile of Bill Stone, high-tech explorer.
Small ArrowRelated Web Site: Go on location with a National Geographic TV crew at Wakulla Springs.

Inside the Passage
Head north—way north—to British Columbia and Alaska, with our guide to three of the best ways to explore this surprisingly accessible, unquestionably wild realm:
Small ArrowRelated Web Site: Go solo from the Pole with Arctic explorer Will Steger—sort of.

  Dodging Earl in the Ghost Islands: Sea kayak and storm-watch in the land of limitless islands and Haida totems.
By Anthony Brandt

Into the Wild From Base Camp Juneau: Hike, canoe, bear-watch, and more in the inexhaustible backyard of Alaska's capital city.
By Chuck Thompson

Way, Way Out There at B.C.'s Adventure Lodges: Take a helicopter ride to the backcountry and make it out in time for dinner.
By Robert Earle Howells

Among the Ancients in the Wadi Rum
European climbers have discovered what desert nomads have known for 10,000 years—Jordan's desert bluffs and dead cities are the stuff of dreams. An American team tackles its mysteries.
By David Roberts

Sara Ballantyne: Goddess of War
Part Odyssey, part American Gladiators, with a soupçon of MacGyver, adventure racing is the apotheosis of "extreme." Meet the sport's ultimate warrior.
By Gretchen Reynolds
Small ArrowRelated Web Site: Join an extreme TV crew on a New Zealand adventure race.

Five Hundred Days Before the Mast
The Picton Castle left Nova Scotia with a mostly amateur crew on an 18-month sailing trip around the world. We hopped aboard to find out why.
By John Vaillant
Small ArrowADVENTURE Forum: What adventure would be worth 18 months of your life?
Small ArrowRelated Web Site: Hitch a harrowing ride across the Indian Ocean with a NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC photographer.






  Preview the story
Small ArrowHot Spots
Only a fool would hike into Death Valley, the lowest, hottest place in the Western Hemisphere, in midsummer. Call us fools.
By Robert Earle Howells

Essential Equipment
White-water kayaks for local play; sea kayaks for weekend escapes.
By Eugene Buchanan and Jonathan Hanson
Plus: Road-testing the world's best folding bike, in Cuba.
By Susan McGrath

Extreme Destination
Your Own Private Stonehenge: Scotland's rugged and mysterious 40 Standing Stones of Callanish.
By Ted Allen

Ain't nothing like the real thing, hombre, and in Oaxaca, Mexico, that's mezcal, tequila's granddaddy. Say it: Legítimo!
By Logan Ward

Bozeman, Montana: part college town, part cow town, and all adventure, with access to some of the finest fly-fishing, hiking, rafting, and skiing in America.
By Donovan Webster

NGA Guide
Five roller-coaster rivers in North America that few have heard of, let alone rafted.
By Stephen Jermanok

The retro-adventure rage: Shackleton's Antarctic escapade, Hemingway's latest (posthumously), and the real-life whale tale that inspired Moby Dick.
By Lawrence Norfolk

Small ArrowMedia
The must-bookmark Web sites of adventure: trip ideas, unique outfitters, gear bargains, and more.
By Daniel Radosh

Adventure Timeline
Inca mummies? We got 'em. Woodstock on Wheels? You read it here first. It's all in our rundown of everything happening in the wide, weird world of adventure.
By Jason Adams


  The Life
How did a Brooklyn regular Joe become Spain's Greatest American Hero? Meet the iron man of bull-running.
By Steve Kemper

Nick's Take
Two charging elephants, a dozen frames, and more than a little luck. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC photographer Michael "Nick" Nichols tells the story behind a classic shot.
Small ArrowRelated Web Site: Stalk an Indian tiger and her cubs with Nick Nichols.

We took an average coward and resolved to make an adventurer out of him. First step: learning to fly.
By Jim Thornton
Small ArrowBehind the Scenes: Our oddventures columnist phoned in and freaked out. Listen in.


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