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Adventure Travel's New Terms
National Geographic Adventure defines the new travel lingo.

peer-review / adj. /
Describes Web sites that compile travelers' tips on destinations worldwide. Updated constantly, peer-review sites offer the collective wisdom of the road—minus the guidebook or PR spin. "They're the real deal," says's Brooke Ferencsik, "the good, the bad, the ugly." A few standouts:,, and

voluntourism / n. /
Travel that combines exploring a destination with volunteer work on behalf of the local communities and ecosystems there. Voluntourists believe that the rewards of giving back are greatest when they result from one's own labor. "Our participants develop a sense of ownership of the park," says Tom Armstrong, of Tauck World Discovery, an outfitter that offers volunteer experiences in Yellowstone National Park.

flashpack / v. /
To travel in the style of a next-generation backpacker—those who seek the serendipity of independent travel without being confined to a bare-bones budget. Flashpackers enjoy the community spirit of a hostel, but not the communal bathrooms. They're not afraid to travel with their iPods or splurge on lodging. "Flashpackers won't compromise on comfort. They have a bit more cash to splash when the going gets rough," says Andrew Appleby, spokesperson for Trailfinders, an independent travel organizer in the U.K.
family trip / n. /
A method for enhancing togetherness and building relationships through shared physical experience—rejecting the "are we there yet?" routine to embrace new skills. Says Wildland Adventures President Kurt Kutay, "It's a shift away from road and beach trips toward activities such as rafting, climbing, kayaking, and mountain biking."

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Our November 2006 issue features the best new adventure travel trips; an exclusive look inside Iran; a Greenland global warming report; backcountry spas; digital cameras; travel Web sites; weekend getaways; and more.

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