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December 2001

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November/December 2001
Lost in the Wild
The Dark Skies of Sudan
Scaling St. Lucia's Petit Piton
Trips: Florida's Dry Tortugas National Park
Trips: Ten Perfect Ski Trips
Life on Assignment: The War over Alaska's Arctic Refuge
Photo Gallery: America's Ultimate Water Park
Profile in Courage: Lost at Sea
Q&A: Papua New Guinea: Trek Into Danger
Forum: Your Survival Tales and Tips
Postscript: Sebastian Junger on the Death of the Taliban's Greatest Foe
Gear Guide: Breakthrough Navigation Tools
Gear Guide: Best New Mountain Hardware
Gear Guide: Cameras and Night Vision
World on the Cheap: Ghana

September/October 2001
Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Void
Losing It on Everest
The Gila Test
Midwest Cycling
Writer Spotlight: Philip Caputo
Photo Gallery: Jamaica's Blue Mountain Mystery
Life on Assignment: Sahara Crossing
Forum: Everest: Mountain of Trouble?
Forum: Gila: Whose Land Is It?
Gear Guide: Durable, Versatile "Soft-Shell" Jackets
Gear Guide: 21st-Century Sleeping Bags
World on the Cheap: Spain

July/August 2001
Exploring the Place of Fright: Belize's Sacred Maya Caverns
John Graybill: Bush Pilot, Poacher
Mount Shasta: Everest for the Rest of Us
100 Greatest Adventure Books of All Time
Q&A: Jim Shekhdar, Pacific Paddler
Photo Gallery: Congo Trekking With the World's Most Adventurous Explorer
Trips: Top Ten Summer Sports Meccas
Life on Assignment: On the Job in the Place of Fright
Forum: Greatest Adventure Book of All Time (As Chosen by You)
Forum: What's Your Wildest California Adventure?
Gear Guide: Open-Cockpit Kayaks
Gear Guide: Best Adventure Cameras
World on the Cheap: Bolivia

May/June 2001
The Call of Alaska: On the Trail of Jack London
Dangerous Medicine: Fighting on Ebola's Front Lines
Breaking the Barrier Islands
The Backyard Expedition: Father-Daughter Day on the River
Q&A: Eric Simonson, the Sleuth of Everest
From the Field: Descending the Dragon: Vietnam Dispatches
Photo Gallery: Outbreak—Ebola
Life on Assignment: Among the Ebola Hunters
Writer Spotlight: Learning the Ropes on Renegade
Forum: Family Secrets
Gear Guide: The Frame Game: State of the Art Cycles
Gear Guide: Hassle-Free Climbing Tools
Trip Guide: Tahoe Rim Trail
Audio: Mi Moto Fidel

March/April 2001
Sebastian Junger Under Fire With Afghanistan's Greatest Warrior
Secrets of Utah's Canyon Country
Wild Onion: Chicago's Urban Adventure Race
New Canada-to-Mexico Hiking Route
Q&A: Mike Horn, Globe-Circling Adventurer
Photo Gallery: Northwest Passage
Ask the Expert: Expedition Adviser
Life on Assignment: Sebastian Junger Under Fire
Gear Guide: Foot Specialists
Destination: American Wilds
Forum: Reckless Encouragement?
Adrenaline Almanac: 365 Days of Adventure

January/February 2001
Beyond the End of the Road
Ruedi's Way: Skiing With a Canadian Superguide
8,000-Meter Man: Ed Viesturs of Vertical Limit
Hey Panama ...
Q&A: Joby Ogwyn, Seven Summitter
Gear Guide: True Values, Backcountry Breakthroughs
Photo Gallery: Panama Portrait
Ask the Expert: Snow-Sport Advice From Our Powder Buff
Destination: Vegas Rocks
Life on Assignment: Chased by Demons Out of Empty America
Forum: Partner Benefits
Adrenaline Almanac: 365 Days of Adventure
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