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December 2003/
January 2004

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December 2003/January 2004
Places of Darkness: Kira Salak tracks Africa's mountain gorilla through a civil-war zone.
Our Man in Brazil: Charles Graeber explores unseen Brazil.
Jail-Break Drill: Bust free with tips from Robert Young Pelton
Photo Gallery: Postcards from the other Brazil
From the Field: Jon Bowermaster goes into the Altiplano
The Atkins Zone: Attorney Dick Atkins advises on how to get out—and stay out—of jail while traveling abroad.
Special Excerpt: The Leading Edge: Best of Adventure 2004
Reader Photo Critique: Utah's Vermilion Cliffs
Ask Adventure: Destination: China. The best spots for kayaking, snowboarding, and climbing in Asia's overlooked adventure land

November 2003
  The 12 Habits of Highly Successful Survivors: Laurence Gonzales's
    12-Step Plan for Keeping Yourself Alive
  The CO2 Chronicles: Tim Cahill Explores Thailand's Poisonous Caves
  Emperors at the End of the Earth: Peter Matthiessen's
    Travails in Antarctica
  Lost Caribbean: A Castaway's Tour of Puerto Rico's Mona Island
Photo Gallery: Thailand's Toxic Caves
Q&A Secrets of Survival
Special Excerpt Wild Horizons: Best Outfitted Trips of 2004
Ask Adventure: Buying property in a Third World locale. Plus, mountain climber Ed Viesturs on what it takes to make a living as a professional adventurer.

October 2003
  They Really Do Say Hakuna Matata: A Kilimanjaro Peak-Bagging Primer
  David Quammen's How to Track a Siberian Tiger
  The Second Act of Krakatoa: An Adventurers' Guide
Photo Gallery: Hot Times. Photographer Martin Westlake on Krakatoa
Ultimate America: 50 phenomenal places—biggest, the deepest, the highest, the strangest—just waiting to be explored.
Q&A Carrying a Heavy Load
Special Report: Struck by Lightning on Grand Teton: Behind the Rescue
Ask Adventure: If all of earth's glacial and polar ice melted, how much land would be left?

September 2003
  The Gabon Experiment
  If It's September, It Must Be Gauley-Palooza
  Fall's Fast Escapes
  Revenge of the Dammed
Photo Gallery Photographer Nicolas Reynard samples the future of ecotourism in Gabon's new national park system.
Photo Gallery: Exposed: The Inaugural Reader Photo Critique
Ask Adventure: Have terrorists slammed the door on Southeast Asian tourism?

August 2003
  The Rockies Done Right: Hiking the Canadian Rockies
  Journey to Water World: Kayaking French Polynesia's Tuamotu Archipelago
  The Thin White Line (excerpted from The Cruelest Miles)
  One Way Out: The Aron Ralston Story
Audio Dispatches: One of the original mushers talks about running the tenth leg of the desperate 1925 serum run from Nenana to Nome, Alaska.
Online Exclusive: Cousins Laney Salisbury and Gay Salisbury uncovered the ghosts of the heroic dogsled run to save Nome from a diphtheria outbreak for The Cruelest Miles. Find out how they researched this remarkable book.
Photo Gallery: Photographer Peter McBride takes on paradise at the heart of the Pacific Ocean: The Tuamotu Archipelago
Q&A: Rescue volunteer Rex Tanner explains how hiker Aron Ralston might have avoided an accident that required a grisly self-rescue last April in our online-only interview
Q&A: Swedish mountaineer Renata Chlumska plans a solo circumnavigation of the U.S., paying tribute to her fiancée, the late Goran Kropp, in our online-only interview
Ask Adventure: Chasing animal migrations in East Africa

June/July 2003
  The Best of Alaska: Central Coast
  Notes From the Tundra Ground: Alaska's Arrigetch Peaks
  In Search of the Perfect Swimming Hole
  Kidnapped in the Darién Gap
  New Hampshire's Cohos Trail
Doubletakes: Adventure's photo editors critique staff pics
Q&A: Pixel Pro Jim Brandenburg shares his digital photo tips
Fifteen Fab Swimming Holes: Pancho Doll's Favorite American Swimming Holes
Ask Adventure: How can I train for a big-wall climb like El Cap?

May 2003
  Wild In the Parks: 20 Unforgettable Trips in America's Greatest
    National Parks
  Jim Whittaker, Back on Earth
  My Year with Lewis and Clark
  The Accidental Explorer's Guide to Patagonia
Photo Gallery: My (Almost) Private Patagonia
Forum: What is your ultimate national park adventure?
Q&A: Everest Clinic Tends Ills on High
Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Planner: Four Years on the Lewis and Clark Trail
Insider Adventure Advice: Tell us about your most memorable guides, campsites, trips, and adventure bargains.

April 2003
  Romance on Everest: The Highest Taboo
  After the Slides: British Columbia Avalanche Deaths
  Grabbed in the Gap: Robert Young Pelton's Kidnapping
Audio Dispatches: After the Storm: Into Thin Air Survivors Look Back
Forum: What can be learned from this year's tragic avalanche season?
Ask Pelton: He came back after being held hostage for 10 days in the Colombian jungle. Now get answers to your foreign travel questions online.
Ask Adventure: Boost your adventure IQ when you send your burning question to our experts.
Insider Adventure Advice: Tell us about your most memorable guides, campsites, trips, and adventure bargains.

March 2003
  Pelton's World: Think Locals (Travel Tips)
  The Last Cairn: A Climber's Tragic Saga
  Wild Heart of the West: The Four Corners Region
From the Field: Inside the "Impossible" Journey
Q&A: The Original Roman Holiday
Forum: Can the outdoors really shape a person's character?
Ask Adventure: How to protect film at the airport? Or go native in Papua New Guinea?
Your Trip Here: Botswana Bargain Safari

February 2003
  Lost Canyon of the Silver Sage: The Owyhee River
  National Park War Zone: Arizona's Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument
  How to Keep Your Money Safe While Traveling
  Among the Lava Junkies: At Play on a Volcano
Photo Gallery: Fire Walking With the Lava Junkies
Forum: Should park rangers risk their lives to patrol the U.S.-Mexico border?
Forum: What unprotected place would you make the next national park or wilderness area?
Ask Adventure: Which plants in the U.S. can be used as emergency water sources? How can I pack light for a two-day ride on Moab's White Rim Trail?

December 2002/January 2003
  Mungo Made Me Do It—Rafting to Timbuktu
  Buried Alive and Loving It: Inside Avalanches
  Leading Edge: The State of the Outdoor Arts
Photo Gallery: On the River to Timbuktu
Bringing It Home: World Music Picks
Forum: What's your most harrowing travel tale from abroad?

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