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December 2004/
January 2005

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December 2004/January 2005
The Best of Adventure: Three awe-inspiring explorers' plans for 2005
Back to the Blast: Twenty-five years later, James Balog returns to Mount St. Helens
Pelton's World: The world's most dangerous airlines
There & Back: The Arctic Circle and more on a Nunavut river trip
Photo Gallery: The Kashmir Diaries
Q&A: Lisa Ling Changes Channels
Trips: Baja Bound
First Responder
Ask Adventure

November 2004
Adventure Travel 2005
- The 25 Wildest New Trips
- Libya
- Russia
- Madagascar
- Ghana
Return to Zootopia
No Margin For Error
Pelton's World
Photo Gallery: Galápagos on Tour
There & Back: Venice by Paddle
There & Back: Reader Photo Critique
Photo Forum: Going Digital
Trips: Coastal Georgia
Ask Adventure: Are you hooked on the natural high you feel while hiking or running?

October 2004
What It Takes!
- to motor the Sahara
- to bike across America
- to bareboat the Carribean
- to become a jungle apprentice
- to be an NG photographer
- to go from a ski bum to a media mogul
- to be an expat in paradise
Welcome to the Neighborhood
Secrets of the Black Hills
Pelton's World
Photo Gallery: Welcome to the Jungle
There & Back: Hang Time
Trips: Hood River
Ask Adventure: Can you condition yourself for a desert trek by drinking less water?

September 2004
Where to Live and Play Now!
- Bellingham, Washington
- Carbondale, Colorado
- Woodstock, Vermont
The River Wilder: Maine's classic American river trip
K2 at 50: The controversy surrounding the world's most vicious mountain
Pelton's World: When All Is Lost
Photo Gallery: Asheville Envy
Trips: Native New Mexico
Ask Adventure: What you should do if you run into a grizzly bear.

August 2004
Wild Roads
- Canada-to-Mexico Road Trip
- Backroad America
- Dirt Driver's Ed
Stomping Grounds: The clash of man and elephant in northeast India
The Vanishing World of Lonnie Thompson: How glacial ice cores are unlocking the mysteries of global warming
Pelton's World: Dealing with a medical emergency overseas
Photo Gallery: India's Elephantine Problem
Trips: China's Wild West
Ask Adventure: Floating the Mississippi in a simple craft, and how to treat your peeling hands and feet after a hike.

June/July 2004
Grail Trails
- The Big Three at a Glance
- Sizing Up the Classics
- One Day at a Time on the Five-Million Step Program
Off the Face of the Earth: Holocaust survival in the underground labyrinths of western Ukraine
Southbound on the Mekong: The pristine mountain jungle, ancient Khmer ruins, and sacred Buddhist caves of tiny Laos
A World of Hurt: What's ailing the next generation of outdoor athlete
Photo Gallery: Laos by Riverboat
Q&A: The Darkest Days
Trips: Wild Roads Vermont
Ask Adventure: The mystery of wicking fabrics and 20 backcountry essentials

May 2004
National Parks 2004
- Denali: The Big Easy
- Congaree: The South's Sacred Forest
- Glacier: The Glacial Gallery
West Highland Peace Walk: David Quammen's hundred-mile ramble across the conundrum that is Scotland
Messner's Burden: The climb that haunts legendary mountaineer Reinhold Messner
The Adventures of Tim Cahill: Cahill takes on katabatic winds
Off the Face of the Earth: Holocaust survival in the underground labyrinths of western Ukraine
Trips: Ozarks Road Trip
Ask Adventure: Debunking one of Antarctic exploration's biggest myths
Exclusive: 100 Greatest Adventure Books
Photo Gallery: Alaska's Virgin Islands

April 2004
American Icons
- Ansel Adams's Sierra Nevada
- Jack Kerouac's North Cascades
- Georgia O'Keeffe's Red Rock West
The Indie Traveler's Handbook
- Packing your bag
- Booking your flight
- Securing your valuables
Photo Gallery: Robert Young Pelton goes into the land of bin Laden.
100 Greatest Adventure Books: The definitive ranking of adventure classics
Ask Adventure: Buying your first kayak and how to become a wilderness guide

March 2004
Mission Grand Canyon
- Grand Canyon Tool Kit: Essential strategies for doing the
  great gorge right.
- Hiking the Big Ditch: Top trails for a day, weekend, or epic trek
- Rafting the Colorado: The best ways to run the Grand Canyon
- Canyon Legends: Three unsolved mysteries from below the rim
High Holy Days: Cleansing your karma on Tibet's Mount Kailas
The Adventures of Tim Cahill: Why a little bird is picking on a whale
Wreck Diving's Deep Frontier: The controversial S.S. Aleutian
Trips: Costa Rica's Indie Circuit
Reader Photo Critique: Into the Firestorm
Photo Gallery: High Times in Tibet
Ask Adventure: How rock climbers can keep fit in the off-season and where to go if Everest is off-limits

February 2004
Sun Zones: Between adrenaline rush and total relaxation lie 16 perfect winter escapes, just hours from home.
The Cruelest Journey: Author Dean King retraces one of history's greatest survival epics across the Western Sahara.
Welcome to Nowhere: Simon Winchester finds the surprise of his life on isolated Ascension island.
Quest for the Green Giant: How James Balog created the first-ever photographic profile of Stagg
The Powder Triangle: Ski bum Steve Casimiro finds heli-skiing conditions for the price of a lift ticket in British Columbia.
Photo Gallery: Powder Rangers
Q&A: Author Dean King on Saharan Survival
Portrait of a Giant: Jim Balog's groundbreaking photograph of the Stagg Tree
Ask Adventure: Outdoors photographers discuss the digital debate, and why arctic explorers ate such culinary confusions as pemmican and hoosh

December 2003/January 2004
Places of Darkness: Kira Salak tracks Africa's mountain gorilla through a civil-war zone.
Our Man in Brazil: Charles Graeber explores unseen Brazil.
Jail-Break Drill: Bust free with tips from Robert Young Pelton
Photo Gallery: Postcards from the other Brazil
From the Field: Jon Bowermaster goes into the Altiplano
The Atkins Zone: Attorney Dick Atkins advises on how to get out—and stay out—of jail while traveling abroad.
Special Excerpt: The Leading Edge: Best of Adventure 2004
Reader Photo Critique: Utah's Vermilion Cliffs
Ask Adventure: Destination: China. The best spots for kayaking, snowboarding, and climbing in Asia's overlooked adventure land

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