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In our annual tribute
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Plus, the top destinations
for 2006.

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How to Ski All Year Long

Cover: Adventure magazine
April 2008

Trekking Bhutan's Higher Planes + Photo Gallery
On a 24-day expedition into the sacred heart of the Himalaya, Kira Salak logged some half million steps over 216 miles (328 kilometers)—and that was only half the journey.

The Road to Morocco: Slideshow + Adventure Guide
Driving the backroads of North Africa is nothing less than a total immersion in the exotic—all casbahs and teeming markets—and it's a prime opportunity to test the latest in spring gear. Watch a slide show of stunning photos from the shoot.

High Profile: Harrison Ford + Video
The offscreen adventures of an eco-action figure.

Special Report: Kenya's Road to Recovery
Can the parks be saved?

Where Next: Green Travel Comes of Age
Thirty years ago ecotourism was just an idea. Now it's going mainstream.
Here are ten places where it's making a difference—one trip at a time.


Next Weekend: April 2008
Have Yellowstone to yourself; raft a reprieved river in North Carolina; plus ten more quick trips.

Deep Survival Blog
The logic of lore: The stories you tell yourself could save your life or seal your fate.

Cycling Guide '08
The best of what's new in 2008: mountain bikes, road bikes, apparel, upgrade, and the buy list.

Cover: Adventure magazine

March 2008

Southwest Photo Gallery: The Arch Hunters 
The Colorado Plateau is home to the world's single greatest collection of rock arches—yet only a handful of die-hard seekers ever visit them. Prepare to explore slickrock country in a whole new way. 
Plus 14 More Secrets of the Southwest  >>

Russia's Reindeer Herders + Audio Slideshow
In a forgotten corner of Russia, a little-known group of reindeer herders still lives by the old ways, shifting nomadically with the seasons. It is a life from another century. The question is, how long can it last?

India Ashram: Downward Facing Boyfriend + Photo Gallery
One couple's reluctant quest for enlightenment in an Indian ashram.

Special Report: The Sinking of the Explorer
The sinking of the M.S. Explorer was an Antarctic first. But as tourism there  
booms, it may be only the beginning.

Wild Roads: Northern California
North of San Francisco all roads lead to towering redwoods, cliffside trails, and epic beaches.  


Next Weekend: March 2008
California's ancient open-air museum; a bison hideout in the middle of Salt Lake; the most reliable snow stash in the Northeast; plus nine more tween-season playgrounds.

New Blog: Deep Survival
In his new column and blog, Deep Survival, award-winning writer Laurence Gonzales examines the decisions that determine who lives or dies in adverse circumstances. Query Gonzales about his rules for survival and share your close calls.

Marathon Running Shoes: On Your Mark
First-time runner or two-time marathoner? Roadie or trailhound? We've vetted, tested, and rated a shoe for every type—and thrown in our top apparel picks to prep you for a proper send-off. 

Cover: Adventure magazineFebruary 2008

The World's Best Adventure Islands + Photo Gallery
What makes the perfect island? Having it all to yourself. These adventure oases are guaranteed to transport you well beyond the masses.

Ireland Uncorked + Photo Gallery
It's Ireland's Gilded Age! So go on: Surf a mythic 40-foot (12-meter) break, kayak the crystalline coastline, and hike the unmarked wilds. But please, for your own good, don't step in the fairy blood.  

Video + Photo Gallery: Expedition Bonobo
The only jungle dwellers more mysterious than the Iyaelima people are the rare bonobo apes that live alongside them. A perilous expedition into the Democratic Republic of the Congo hopes to establish contact that will help preserve them both.

Update: Gustave the Croc Surfaces to Strike Again
One of Africa's most elusive killers is back in action in Burundi.

Next Weekend: February 2008
Schuss an unsung ski hill; sprint through a storied vortex; tour a Canadian town—on skates; plus nine more ways to nip hibernation in the bud.
Travel Essentials: Ski, Safari, Beach
It's winter. You're traveling. And whether you're headed to the slopes, the safarilands, or some far-flung beach, these three foolproof packing kits will help you do it right.  

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