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Video: Hell + Back

Photo: Peru

Contributing Editor Kira
Salak reports from the
Amazon on ayahuasca,
a shamanistic brew said
to cure everything from
depression to cancer.
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Climbing Icebergs

Photo: Ice climber

Watch Will Gadd climb a
crumbling iceberg off
Labrador's coast.
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Video: Iceland Travel

Photo: Iceland waterfall

Take and adventure travel
tour behind the scenes of
an Iceland gear shoot.

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Lifetime Achievement: Biologist George Schaller
Video Exlcusive: Hear biologist George Schaller's Adventure Lifetime Achievement Award acceptance speech recorded in Qinghai, China, before starting field work on the Tibetan Plateau.
Video by Wildlife Conservation Society/Wild China Films

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In his 50-year career, wildlife biologist George Schaller, 73, has helped save some of Earth's most famous creatures: mountain gorillas, giant pandas, snow leopards, and Serengeti lions. Schaller calls these species "charismatic megafauna," a term that means, roughly, "big animals that people love." As writer Scott Wallace explains in "The Megafauna Man," this mouthful of a concept lies at the heart of Schaller's approach to conservation. By focusing on large, captivating animals, Schaller has had remarkable success inspiring people to protect entire ecosystems.

In each year-end issue (December 2006/January 2007), National Geographic Adventure recognizes the most outstanding accomplishments in the world of exploration, conservation, journalism, and humanitarian work over the past year. But this year marks the first time the magazine has celebrated a Lifetime Achievement Award. After protecting countless acres of endangered habitat and dozens of threatened species, George Schaller is by far the best example of someone who has led a truly purposeful and adventurous life.

Adventure Lifetime Achievement Award recipient George Schaller and this year's 12 Adventurers of the Year were recognized at an event at the National Geographic Society headquarters in Washington, D.C. on November 14, 2006.

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