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Our team hunted down the Web's ten wildest action clips. See our picks and nominate your favorites.
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Instant ADVENTURE Stories

Photo: Mark Obenhaus Video: Backcountry Skiers Risking It All in Steep
Director Mark Obenhaus talks about the birth of big mountain skiing and the rewards and fatal consequences of the sport.

Photo: Two people hiking Readers' Choice: Nominate Your Favorite Trail
Tell us your favorite hike and it could be published in an upcoming issue of Adventure.
Photo: Gustave Flashback: Gustave Strikes Again
One of Africa's most elusive killers is back in action in Burundi.
Photo: Two people looking at ocean Photo Gallery: Hawaii's Untamed Isle
Find out why Molokai is on the move.
Photo: Face of a bonobo Video: Expedition Bonobo
Track bonobo apes in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Special Report: Sir Edmund Hillary Dies at 88
Read about the remarkable man who was unaffected by fame and left a legacy of philanthropy by aiding the mountain people of Nepal.
Photo: Trip Jennings going down waterfall Q+A: Extreme Kayaker Trip Jennings
A first-of-its-kind expedition to Papua New Guinea delivers first descents, underground rapids, and a couple cases of malaria.
Photo: Looking at a map Special Report: The Vanishing
What went wrong in the record-setting search for Steve Fossett?
Photo: Snow kiting Video: Adventurers of the Year
In celebration of the year's greatest adventures, we present 15 people who dreamed it, planned it, and did it.
Photo: Sea lion in water Photos: A West Coast Eco-War
A fleet of doe-eyed whip smart sea lions is laying siege to the Pacific Northwest, wreaking havoc on surf breaks, fishing lines, and endangered salmon runs.
The Vanishing Vacation: Why You Need a Break
Writer and Work to Live author Joe Robinson reveals why you really do need more vacation time—and how to get it.
Photo: Skydiving Video: Top Ten Online Adventure Flicks
Our team hunted down the Web's ten wildest action clips. See our picks and nominate your favorites.
Photo: Sir Ranulph Fiennes Q+A: Explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes
The "world's greatest living explorer" keeps on ticking.
Photo: Man on boat Q+A: The Whale Warriors author Peter Heller 
Read an interview with the author and about whalers and those who hunt them.
Photo: Rafting ANWR Video: Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
Take a trip through the contested Alaska wilderness with legendary wildlife biologist George Schaller, in a video courtesy of Wild Chronicles.
Illustration: Sailing Q+A: Deep Water Director Louise Osmond
Read an interview with the new film's co-director to find out about this haunting true story.
Photo: Erik Weihenmayer Q+A: Erik Weihenmayer's Blind Approach
Adventure spoke to Weihenmayer about leading climbs blind, bear bells, and the struggle to keep the wilderness wild.
Photo: Filmmaker with walrus calf Q+A: Arctic Tale Filmmakers Adam Ravetch
+ Sarah Robertson

Read an interview with the Arctic Tale's filmmakers and see behind-the-scenes photos.
Photo: Roz Savage in boat News: Roz Savage Attempts to Row the Pacific  
The woman who successfully rowed the Atlantic Ocean alone sets her sights on bigger, wilder waters.
Illustration: Richard Bangs Explorer: Richard Bangs
An expedition veteran turns his attention to saving worlds he once conquered.
Photo: Werner Herzog Q+A: Filmmaker Werner Herzog
In Werner Herzog's films, man and nature vie for supremacy. And the contest is always one-sided.
Photo: Kevin Wall News: Live Earth
Adventure chats with Control Room CEO Kevin Wall about his latest endeavor, Live Earth.
Photo: Band in Antarctica News: Ice Cold Rock and Roll
Live Earth, the summer's largest music event, will take on climate change with concerts on seven continents. Get to know the Antarctica band Nunatak.
Photo: Dime and diamond News: The All-American Diamond Trail
A "finders keepers" policy makes Arkansas's Crater of Diamonds State Park a true treasure trove.
Sound Off: Are You a Survivor?
Readers share their life-and-death survival experiences.
Photo: Gary Jobson Sailing: Evolution of the America's Cup
Adventure spoke to sailing guru Gary Jobson about what makes this year's America's Cup unique, and the delicate balance of athleticism and science that makes for a winning sailing team.
Photo: Camels in desert Video: Tracking Wild Camels in the Gobi
Adventure chats wtih nature documentary filmmaker Huw Cordey about the nearly impossible task of tracking wild Bactrian camels in the Gobi.

Photo: Man on top of Eiger Video: Speed-Flying the Eiger
As a preview of the Mountainfilm in Telluride festival, watch a helmet-cam video of the first speed-flying descent of the Eiger in the Swiss Alps.
Photo: Picture of Gustave News: Have You Seen This Crocodile?
A cold-blooded serial killer is on the loose. His name is Gustave. He's 20 feet long (6 meters), weighs 2,000 pounds (907 kilograms), and stands accused of devouring hundreds of people.
Photo: Martin Strel News: Swimmer to Brave  the Amazon
Adventure chats with Martin Strel, the man who could become the first person to swim the length of the Amazon.
Illustration: Rhino News: Your Own Pet Rhinoceros?
With South African National Parks selling 100 white rhinos from Kruger National Park, anyone undaunted by the hefty price tag could buy one—even you?
Photo: Dog-sledding team Explorers: Viesturs, Branson on Global Warming
Adventure chats with premier alpinist Ed Viesturs about his upcoming dog-sledding endeavor on Baffin Island.
Photos: Snowboarder in New York Photos: Snowboarders Take Manhattan
New York City's first competitive snowboarding event draws top athletes and a serious crowd.
Photo: Explorer Alain Hubert News: Explorers Attempt Longest Arctic Crossing
Adventure chats with explorer Alain Hubert before he departs on an expedition with pal Dixie Dansercoer to cross the Arctic basin by kite and ski.
Photo: Josh Bernstein Explorer: Digging for the Truth's Josh Bernstein
Insights from the city kid who uses his outdoor ingenuity to show armchair travelers the world's greatest mysteries.
Photo: Water News: World Water Day
Four unexpected ways you can be a better steward of the planet's most vital natural resource.
Photo: David de Rothschild Explorer: David de Rothschild Talking Trash
On the eve of a two-year project to combat waste, one of England's greenest aristocrats shares his plans for cleaning up the planet.
Photo: Maureen and Tony Wheeler Travel Icons: Maureen and Tony Wheeler
Two ex–Hippie Trail backpackers turned travel-industry icons explain how they took over the planet. Their book Unlikely Destinations (Tuttle) is due out in May.
Photo: Liv Arnesen and Ann Bancroft News: Frostbite Chomps Arctic Ocean 2007
Adventure talks with polar explorer Liv Arnesen about what went wrong with Arctic Ocean 2007, what frostbite feels like, and what's next.
Photo: Josh Ponte recording music Explorer: Josh Ponte, Live from Gabon
Music explorer Josh Ponte sets out to preserve a country's ancient culture of sound.
Photo: Utah's Canyon Country

Special Report: A Death at Outward Bound

After heatstroke claims a student in Utah's Canyon Country, the 46-year-old institution faces America's shrinking tolerance for risk.
Photos: Climber Mike Libecki Climber: Climbing with Tarantulas, Scorpions
Adventure chats with ace climber Mike Libecki about his recent expedition in South America, why he goes solo, and the necklace he could not climb without.
Photo: Surfer Greg Noll Surfer: Greg Noll on Surfing as Art, Life
Adventure spoke to big-wave legend Greg Noll about his new book, surfing culture today, and why his most recent boards provide a link to the past.


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