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How to Build an Island Dream House
With $15,000, 12,000 screws, and one blessing from a local chieftess, Alex Sheshunoff and Sarah Kalish built a dream house on oceanfront property in Palau.

Photo: Monkey
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Our pet monkey, Gomez, proves to be a marginal poker player. A member of an introduced species in Palau, Gomez was brought to us after his mother was killed during an eradication program. We soon learned that pet monkeys require diapers and constant attention. Gomez, for example, would scream if ever left alone, especially at night. As a man I found I was not biologically prepared to be woken at 2 a.m. by a toothy bite on the nipple.
—Alex Sheshunoff 
For more on Gomez and building a house on a remote island, visit

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