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Photo: Man in tank

Afghanistan: Life on Assignment: Inside the Afghan War Machine
Writer Robert Young Pelton on the Adventure Assignment That Took Him Inside Green Beret Operations and Face-to-Face With John Walker Lindh. 
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Photo: Afghan child

Afghanistan's Shadowlands
Robert Young Pelton's photographs of Afghanistan reveal the danger facing coalition forces and the hopes of a battered nation.
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Photo: Rory Stewart

Afghanistan Photos: Rory Stewart's New Kabul
Photographer Aaron Huey shares a look inside Rory Stewart's efforts to save the Old City of Kabul from destruction and remind a nation of its former glory. 
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Photo: Man with head in window

Bhutan: On the Trail to Shangri-La

Seeking mountain highs without tourist-horde lows, writer Jeff Greenwald and photographer Matthieu Paley set off for Bhutan. What they found was an unspoiled Himalayan paradise where adventure abounds and blue jeans are banned. 
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Photo: Fishermen on a boat

Indian Summer

Sailing, rowing, and dragging a skiff up the Ganges, writer Charles Graeber went native in India for his new Adventure article. Here he offers anecdotes and images from the odyssey. 
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Photo: People on elephants

India's Elephantine Problem
A photo dispatch from ground zero of the escalating conflict between India's elephants and its people. 
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Photo: Monks painting

India: Searching for Snow Leopards

Photographer Ami Vitale journeys deep into the mountainous region of Ladakh in northwestern India in hope of catching a glimpse of the elusive snow leopard. 
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Photo: The front of a boat

Indonesia: Hot Times

Fifteen years had passed since photographer Martin Westlake first climbed Krakatoa, the legendary marine volcano that blew itself to bits during a cataclysmic eruption in 1883. Last year, Westlake returned to Indonesia's Ujung Kulon National Park to pay homage to the fire god once again. 
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Photo: Woman smoking in restaurant

A Look Inside Modern Iran
On a month-long expedition, photographer Bobby Model and writer Kira Salak examined the ancient cities and remotest corners of this harsh land. The reward: a rare glimpse into the heart of a nation on the brink. 
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Photo: Busy street in Kashmir

The Kashmir Diaries
After years of political strife, the Kashmir valley has reopened its doors. What's the best way to see it all? How about from a humming, sputtering Royal Enfield motorcyle. 
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Photo: Boat on river

Laos by Riverboat

Along the Mekong River, Southeast Asia's superhighway, Laos is one small country that delivers big. 
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Photo: Person riding horse

Modern Mongolia Photos

Photographer Matthieu Paley takes us on a journey through the pastoral scenery and vibrant culture of today's Mongolia.
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Photo: Barbed wire in front of mountains

Nepal on the Brink
Photographer Samantha Appleton treks through the adventure travel classic to experience the austere natural beauty coexisting with the harsh political reality. 
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Photo: Man climbing

Thailand's Toxic Caves
Creep into the netherland of northern Thailand's intricate cave system, where vertical drops plunge 1,000 feet (305 meters) and suffocating carbon dioxide lurks in the absolute darkness.
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Photo: Mountains

High Times in Tibet
Thousands of pilgrims converge upon Mount Kailas every year, but few push on to the holy mountain's 19,500-foot inner sanctuary. Here, writer Ian Baker takes us trailside and up to the Cave of the Thirteen Golden Chortens during one of the world's highest pilgrimages. 
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