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Adventure Photo Galleries: Latin America

Latin America

Photo: Man approaching a sloth

Amazon: Welcome to the Jungle
When you're a guest in one of the most remote rain forests in the world without the aid of modern conveniences, all you can do is learn from the locals—and keep out of harm's way. 
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Photo: Motocyclists in front of mountains

Andes: The Andes in Overdrive
Riding a motorcycle 5,000 miles (8,048 kilometers) along twisting mountain passes through four countries in five weeks presented Argentine photographer Henry von Wartenberg with many spectacular sights. Check out these weird, wondrous images.
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Photo: Trekking through the altiplano

Andes: High and Dry in the Altiplano
Ready for the highest, driest, and most stunningly beautiful terrain ever? Bring your kayak and don't expect any rain. 
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Photo: Diving in a cave

Belize: On the Job in the Place of Fright
Human sacrifice, flesh-infesting worms, flooded caverns—photographer Stephen Alvarez reveals the secrets of the nightmare caves of Belize, and of life in the field for Adventure. 
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Photo: Sunset on water

Postcards From the Other Brazil
Dune surfing. Piranha fishing. Whale-watching. OK, so it's not the Copacabana, but you just might get knocked sockless. Join photographer Michael Darter for a taste of unsung Brazil.
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Photo: Plane landing on water

Chile: My (Almost) Private Patagonia
Photographer David McLain goes on an exploratory mission to paddle the glacial lakes of Chile's southernmost latitudes.
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Photo: Climbing rock with snow

Chile: Climbing Patagonia's Cerro Torre
Photos from the ultralight climb that finally retraced Cesare Maestri's  controversial alleged first-ascent route. 
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Photo: Woman looking at map on car

Chile: Steve Casimiro's Adventure Photography Tips
Few places provide a better setting for testing your camera skills than Patagonia. Just back from an eight-day assignment in Chile, West Coast Editor Steve Casimiro shares his shooting secrets for first-rate adventure photography.  See the photos  >>

Photo: Diving with turtle

Ecuador: Galápagos on Tour
Marquee performances from charismatic critters inspire human visitors to abide by the rules on a romp through sublimely untouched Darwin country. 
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Photo: Child with body board

Surfing the New El Salvador
After two earthquakes and twelve years of civil war, El Salvador is shaking off its rough image and remerging as a world-class surfing spot. 
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Photo: Mexican man in hat

Mexico: High Times on the Peyote Trail

In highland Mexico, photographer Rachel Cobb captured visions of the Huichol, isolated Indians who take peyote religiously.
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Photo: Looking at dolphins swimming

Mexico: Luxe Rafting Baja's Sea of Cortez
Photographer Woods Wheatcroft (right) and Contributing Editor Eliza Griswold explored the waters of Baja's Loreto Bay National Park by a swift, Navy SEAL-style raft for the feature "The Hidden Treasures of Cortez… Found!" 
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Photo: Boy in hat

Panama Portrait

It's the Panama David Lee Roth forgot to tell you about—jungle outposts, cities of sagging grandeur, Caribbean pleasure ports. For the January/February 2001 issue's
"Hey Panama..." article, photographer Brown W Cannon III and writer Christopher R. Cox barnstormed the bridge between the America's to expose this often overlooked adventure destination.  See the photos  >>

Photo: Machu Picchu

Peru: Trekking to Machu Picchu (the Cool Way)
No crowds. Plush lodges. Jungles, glaciers, and high Andean peaks. The Camino Salcantay is the savvy traveler's alternative to the Inca Trail. Never before has the road to ruins been so much fun.
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